Monday, April 27, 2009

True story

So I've mentioned the Dangle Cross Earring customer before. He comes in to our office to pay his bill. Friendly guy. Not a tooth in his head. And he sat down at my brother's desk one day as he made his payment and proceeds to tell my bro about the jacket he's wearing. It's some kind of leather or pleather deal and he's really proud of it because he got it at Goodwill for 5 bucks (and I like Goodwill as much as the next person.) Then he says to my brother "Hey, I'll buy 5 dollar leather jackets all day!"
And that has been one of our favorite catch phrases ever since. It is appropriate for most situations.

So we're on vacation at Myrtle Beach this week. The weather is beautiful, my animals are well cared for, and we're having a great time so far.
Sam and I were out in the ocean with our rafts yesterday. We'd ride a wave into shore and then pop up and run back into the ocean to go catch some more. We were having a blast and I was thinking to myself ' I'll ride 5 dollar waves all day,' but I didn't say it out loud.

And then moments later, as we floated out there waiting for our next ride in, what floats by? A price tag for $5.00. I swear, I'm not making that up. Sam saw it too, and then of course I did say it and we laughed our butts off.

Best vacation ever.


Becky said...

Ha ha! That is funny. And yes, I think that's a perfect catchphrase for most situations.

In a similar vein, I often find myself thinking, "Hey, I'll go on busting you up all night." I think it was from some gambling movie.

Have a great time!

Annette said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast. I'm glad. You deserve it.

I can say that because the weather here is gorgeous. I might be in a jealous snit if we were still cold and wet and gray.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh--that is hilarious! I had to read it twice cause I thought I'd missed something!

Can I use that phrase, too? I'll give you all the credit. Enjoy your holiday! :)

Camp Papa said...

I love how words and phrases enter into family lexicons. One of my favorites in our family was first spoken by my son to his mother when she made an adjustment to a cap he was wearing, "...I know how to operate a hat!" It's now used when anyone offers unsolicited advice or attempts to extend their influence too far into your business.

Heidi said...

That is a good one! The funniest things most times are the simplest! LOL Hope your vacation continues to be great!!!

Sara said...

Ha! Becky that is too close to five dollar jackets! Weird!

'I know how to operate a hat' Now that is a handy phrase.
I think that would've been one of Amy's whiplash moments where the parents have to quickly turn away so the kids can't see you laugh.

Good stuff!