Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Man's Land

Mah Boys are supposed to be returning from their mountain camping trip today. Thank goodness. I have been single parenting since Sunday morning and I don't really like it. Because it's hard.

I knew that already. It's one of those things I see other folks doing and I wonder how in the hecks they do it. Something I had a small taste of in the past and hope I never have to do again.

So anywho there's that and the added chores I have to do. In the dark. In the cold. After being at work all day.
And of course, as soon as the guys left town it did this:

That's 6 inches or so of snow. And it was 18 degrees yesterday morning and 12 degrees this morning.

When Mark asked me yesterday if it was OK for them to stay one more day because Sam was having such a fun time, it took all my power to not play my Girl Card and whine for them to come home as originally planned. In spite of my unenthusiasm, I really was happy they were having a good time, so I grinned and bore it.

My routine has been:

6am Wake up and lie in bed for half an hour pep talking myself into going outside.

6:30am Out of bed, put on the same stinky jeans I've been using for chores since Sunday and go directly outside to feed the furnace. So it's dark, snow is getting in my shoes and gloves, I'm hunting for logs I can actually heft, hot coals threatening to fall out on me. It's super dramatic.

6:45am Run to the shower because I hate the smell of wood smoke all over me.

7:30am Start the process of nagging the girls to get up so I can take them to Mawsi's house. Thank goodness for Mawsi...

Then time starts to blur. We're looking for shoes, we're forgetting things, arguing about who sits where in the car, complaining about how cold it is, etc. And then somehow I end up at work.

4pm Mawsi drops the girls off at the office so they can come home with me. They climb the walls in boredom for the next hour.

5pm rolls around and we head home.

Back into my stinky jeans, Mark's muck boots because I can't find mine (I think they took them to the mountains by mistake?,) and coat hood tied tight around my head because it's booger-freezing weather out there. It's a very sexy look, also.

To the barn, feed the cats.

To the van, which is parked a city block away and uphill both ways, where the steer feed is temporarily stored. Two full 5 gallon buckets of feed carried down to the troughs with a bit to spare for the chickens.

Back to the barn for the horse feed. Haul it down to the other gate where they are nickering impatiently and Nikki is wringing her neck at my slowness.

At this point the yard looks like a Family Circus cartoon of Billy's dash-dash-dash through the neighborhood, my footprints in the snow telling the tale of of where I've been.

It's damn cold and dark by the time I close the barn up again and head to the furnace for its second feeding of the day. Temperatures in the teens means I'm not about to skimp on feeding the furnace. By that time, I'm over the coldness because I'm coming in the home stretch. Sort of.

From then on it's all about the coon dog 'til she goes to bed at 9pm. I take her out, beg her to pee, she won't. We come back in, she paces in front of the door, I take her out, beg her to pee, she won't. Repeat, repeat, repeat. I'd leave her tied out for a while but it's just so dang cold I can't do it. Why won't she pee?! 9 o'clock can't come too soon after 3 plus hours of dog potty training paranoia. So far we've had no accidents, but I'm pretty sure the dog thinks I'm a loon putting her out every 15 frickin minutes.

And it makes preparing dinner a little hectic. Including Jill's dinner which requires me to mix her fish oil supplement with peanut butter to pour over her food. The dog gravy Mark bought her just wasn't quite cutting it. Ya.

Speaking of dinner, I've nearly accomplished my goal of personally consuming all the turning fruits & vegetables in the refrigerator. Two nights of squash & jalapeno stir fry. Just as good reheated the second day?

I did try to talk the girls into going to the little restaurant up the road last night, but Lily wasn't having it. She'd rather make me scrape together a sad dinner of tater tots and venison burger for her to complain about and refuse to eat.

But there's light at the end of the tunnel I think. Jill peed without me begging this morning. Lily did eventually fall asleep after coming downstairs at 10 o'clock to tell me about all the nightmares she was having. Thanks for that, Lily, because you halfway had me creeped out. Sheesh.

And the boys might be home in time today to relieve me of my stinky jeans duties. That wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit.


Becky said...

Whoa. You know, it's not the single parenting that sounds hard here, it's the single farming. I was wincing and feeling your pain at running around in the cold like that. Two five gallon buckets?!?

Thank the Lord you are back to blogging after your holiday hiatus. Thank the Lord! More than one time while my fam was all together, we said, "I wonder what Sara is doing? She must be really busy."

Sara said...

I know, but it does make me feel a little badass, so there's that. :)

I swear we must be kin somehow; I think of you all, too. Had I been online reading blogs and known Amy was home, I would've been quite verklempt on everyone's behalf. Good stuff!

OsageBluffquilter said...

God I'm wore out just reading your schedule. Girl you forgot to buy yourself a big ole bottle of Margrita's or a gallon jug of wine at the grocerys store.
But at least you did blog about a little food.
However squash & jalapeno stir fry just doesn't sound good! Yuck!
Hope the guys scored big on the hunt. Animals that is , I mean meat for the freezer, you get the picture.
Happy 2010!

Sara said...

Believe me, Patti, I was very sad that I didn't even have the ambition to crack open the new Kahlua. Now that's just sad!

My half rotten stir fry wasn't too bad. Gobs of parmesan cheese cover a multitude of sins. I must be part garbage disposal!

Veronica said...

Okay, I have been a parent for 5 whole days now, but as I sit here researching stuff on breastfeeding (oh, and um, catching up on some blogs) with the baby napping on Patrick, my mom cleaning the house, and my dad grocery shopping, my question is: single parenting??? How do people do that?

Sara said...

Exactly, Veronica! This morning was much, much more to my liking: Mark making my coffee and clearing the snow from my car.

I can imagine that soft, sweet little baby head from here. Napping on Dad = Priceless. Thank goodness for the village, I say!

Annette said...

Whose brilliant idea was it to have that outdoor furnace, anyway??? I'm totally spoiled with the programmable thermostat that has the house warm by the time the alarm goes off.

And of course we have a foot more snow here than anywhere else in the county. How does that happen???

Glad the boys are home to pitch in, Sara. Happy New Year!

honeypiehorse said...

OK hon your single parenting is harder than everyone else's. You can whine.

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