Monday, June 28, 2010

In No Particular Order

A pig with no ears.
The Belly.
Bubbles saying hello.
The Cooker.

Chicken halves. All sold.
Since blogger and I go 'round and 'round over photo posting, feel free to peruse the rest over yonder. It also explains the ear-less pig.

It was nice to have the camera out again. Hecks, nice to be outside for non-softball related activities.

I took a 2 hour walk in the woods yesterday, the first time in a very long time, and nearly cried because I'd missed it so much. (Insert Mark rolling his eyes here. ) :)

I didn't even mind the bugs, sweat, scratches, poison ivy and getting lost/stuck for half an hour. I must be part Mowgli or Tarzan or something. All the trails are grown over and I was having to try to navigate deer paths. I was still glad to be there. Glad to take a cool shower when I got home, too.

Mark sold chicken halves on Saturday. His special sauce is the trick. I was lucky to get one for myself before they sold out.

I put Aggie on the bus (ah, motor coach, thankyouverymuch.) to camp Sunday. A lovely drive in Shadyside on a Sunday morning. The camp posts photos online everyday but I didn't see her in any yet. She got to go with her BFF and we watched them through the bus windows chomping at the bit to be on their way. Kinda doubt she'll be homesick at all this week.

Lily couldn't get herself to her grandparents' fast enough after Aggie left either. Said she wasn't sleeping in her bedroom alone. She took one outfit and her giant dry erase board. Just the necessities.

So Sam is our only child (well, plus Pellet, of course) this week, it seems. Last night we watched a movie, Defiance, which we all enjoyed. If you can take the violence of a war movie it was a good story. A true story! Then after the movie, I balanced the remote control on my belly and we watched the baby kick it around. Cute/gross!

I could share more pregnancy gross with you but I'll just save it. Only 'bout 17 weeks to go! Seven Teen Weeks To Go.... The countdown 'til I might get my brain back!


Emily said...

I can't tell if that is your bare white belly, or not. I'm gonna keep telling myself it's your shirt. Just looking at the cooker makes me drool.

Veronica said...

Wow, only 17 weeks to go! Other people's pregnancies seem to go so much faster than mine seemed to go. :)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

A pig with no ears. Is that like a horse with no name?

And that baby belly . . SO cute! I really liked the fact that he is kicking the remote around already.

Gosh you have a husband that brings home the baon too, I mean chicken. Too bad he sold it all. Leftovers would be good.

Aggie at camp. My God woman, did you see those boys in the backgorund. Call the girl home.

Loved all the comments you lef tus today!

Annette said...

Tell Mark my mom is still pouting about getting there mere minutes after he'd sold out. She was sooo looking forward to that chicken.

Our trails are all overgrown??? Oh, nooo!

gretchen said...

I love your belly shot! I wish I'd thought to take one of mine back when I had it. I agree with Veronica, I can't believe you're so close to birthing. Seems like yesterday that you made your sneaky announcement.

Michele R said...

Love your update. Summer is in full swing up there. Hard to believe you are 23 weeks. Love the kitty pic (I don't have any so you must always share yours for me,ok?)
Hey, want to do a belly cast of this babe? Let me know--I'll call ya or write on how to do it (if you have not that is). : )

Anonymous said...

Quality is better than quantity.................................................................

Becky said...

Your belly is hawt. And your feet look so far away! Are you twelve feet tall?

Thank the lord you finally blogged. We are dying out here.

Sara said...

Em, Ahhh, Shirt! But I am thinking of painting something obnoxious on the belly. A watermelon or something...

V. I agree! And it screws me up how there are calendar months but they're not the same as 40 weeks, right?

Patti, I've def given thought to all the boys at camp. sigh!

Annette, we've still got passable trails thanks to ATV riders, but they def need attention. And horses.

Gretchen, I haven't taken any full body pics since the last one though. I'm a little scared about a pregnant booty pic.

Michele, you'll have to enlighten me on the belly cast. I think I've heard about it but never tried it. Can we use it as a chip bowl after? ;)

Becky, I do look long-legged in that pic, don't I? Sweet. I had to fiddle with the angle: you couldn't see my feet at all in the first pic. :)