Friday, February 11, 2011

Is That Normal?

This poor neglected blog :( (My poor neglected pre-baby clothes...and hobbies, and brain, and etc etc etc)
But! There's a baby to show for it and he's cute. So. There it is.

Four months later and still settling in, I think we're getting our confidence back that we actually know how to care for an infant. 'Cause, you know, we've done this a couple 3 times before, you'd think it would be a piece of cake, or cheese, or whatever.
But we're a little goofy when it comes to our kids, maybe, and Mark was forever asking:

"Is that normal?"

And in my crazy, crazy, sleep-deprived, isolated, hormone-fluxed state, he'd get me wondering, too: Is that normal?

And of course it all is. With the baby, I mean. The crying, the sleeping, the pooping, the sneezing. It's all good.

Mama on the other hand? The crying, the sleeping, the pooping, the sneezing. Well, that's another zubject :)

So this is a baby step back to the blog and the like. I even uploaded photos! Ta-da!

I think we all know how this turned out:He cried the entire first half at the Super Bowl party. We went home to watch the Steelers finish losing.

Lil' Ayyyngel, on the beloved bee quilt:
Thanks, Patti!
Daddy couldn't wait to try this:

I think The Boy likes it!

Hopefully more soon, but I have a 3rd grade Valentine's Day party to go shower for! xoxo


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

A Steeler fan Cool.
He is so cute, Mark, not Leo, just kidding.
Great to see you back, not just don't wait until Leo is in 3rd grade too to post more pics.

Becky said...

He looks like a real baby now and not just a little nubbin! So so sweet.

I often stare at your blog title in my sidebar and telepathically will you to post.

Is that normal??

Veronica said...

What a cutie. Glad you're back!

Amy said...

That's normal, Becky. I do it too.

He is so adorable!! Hope you are feeling good--4 must be a lot to manage!

Michele R said...

Love those photos. So cute. And a genius!
I found the bottle of fabulous honey from your farm that you sent me....under the boys' bathroom sink. Upon confession, 14 yr old said he was putting it on his pimples.
Is that normal?
I took it away.

Camp Papa said...

Gorgeous boy! We've missed you. I thought that there was just no left-over love for the blogworld.

Analisa said...

He is just adorable. Thanks for checking back in and sharing that sweetie! Now go sneek in a nap. :)

Sara said...

Ha! My word verification is "flospit" and I was just thinking how I could just give you all a big hug and a smooch. And then I thought about all the baby smoochin' I do all day and just how slobbery my life is. And how many "fart" noises I make on that baby's cheeks and belly. mwah!

Amy said...

mwah, indeed!

The stand-up photos are coma-inducingly cute. Something about those huge cheeks and the bright eyes gazing intently ... I miss those days!!!! Thanks for sharing yours - have been missing you! xoxo