Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here's what's cookin'

Mark and I had a heart to heart this morning about the fact that we hate when each
other sneezes. It's deep and important conversations like this that form the bedrock of our marriage.
As we enjoyed our morning coffee and newspaper together, I sneezed, and he said 'I really hate it when you sneeze.'

And I was like, 'I know! Right?' That's why I always apologize when I do it.

I said I pretty much hate it when anyone sneezes, but especially when he does it.

And we had a good laugh.

I'm cooking today. The carpenter's working on the bathroom and the kids are poorly, so we're stuck here. Plus there are rotten bananas to be made into bread before they liquefy.

I've been given a serious charge to create crab meat stuffed mushrooms, also.

But more importantly, the coondog is out of meat. The meat that we cook on the stove with julienned garlic to create a sumptuous broth for Mark to heat and pour over her food every morning. The broth that simmers to perfection on the stove while we all eat turkey sandwiches. The non-negotiable part of the dog's meal that means my Pyrex measuring cups are always left somewhere on the farm other than my kitchen cupboard. And it's not the same dish every time. Perish the thought. Today's menu includes a single badly freezer burned chicken breast and a steak end from the cow we harvested recently. We wrapped it up especially for her that day.

So if you find a package in my freezer labelled 'Dog' it doesn't contain dog, it's for the dog. The package that says 'Tongue' however is in fact a tongue. And it's not for the dog.


Becky said...

Wow, that dog's life doesn't sound too bad.

Sara said...

It's gotten entirely out of hand. What do I think I'm doing cooking for a dog? How did it come to this?

Camp Papa said...

I have puzzled, no end, about the labels in your freezer.

Dogs like garlic??

Heidi said...

LOL the tongue in the freezer reminds me of Big Son... We were peruzing the deep freeze and he grabs a package of meat and starts rubbing it on my back.... I look at him with 'those' eyes and ask "what the heck already' his reply - You taste good mom... he had tongue in his hand.....
Hope the kids feel better shortly!..

Coffee with Cathy said...

Love this post and the idea of making a garlic-flavored broth for your dog. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing a peek into your kitchen.

Sara said...

That's gross *and* funny Heidi!

Camp Papa, it's really the unlabelled stuff you gotta worry about.

I'm not sure if she likes the garlic, but I do it to ward off fleas (and vampires-ha!) Not sure if it really works, but I'm a big fan of garlic (and apple cider vinegar) as a cure for everything.

osagebluffquilter said...

LaBamba is a mexican restaurant in town. We go there every Saturday night after church. Preety cool, chruch and then a margarita!
You all need to look into John c Campbell Folk school (google it) we've been there twice. The hubby took an advance class there several years ago. He's been a smith for about 34 years.
Oh and now when we sneeze we both look at each other and laugh, after reading your blog over the weekend!

ERageK said...

You better check with the vet to make sure you're not poisoning her. And then if you are, let me know, so I can start making it for my dog. But not really, I wouldn't make that effort for my dogs. Tip of hat m'lady.

Tipper said...

Sounds like the coondog lives like a king!