Thursday, February 26, 2009

More House Talk and I Fell Down.

I keep trying to think of a word for Lily's not quite malapropisms, but I'm just not feeling clever enough.

She hit me with another one this morning. Since her nose was running she asked me to get her some 'Stuffs.' You know, Stuffs tissues. Some people call 'em Puffs, whatever.

For reading 8 books a month for school she earns free personal pan pizzas at Pizza Hot.

She gets scratched by the thorns on the jaguars in the woods.

She likes to eat cemeteries. The rest of us call it asparagus. Not sure how that mix up occurred.

Salt is always sugar and sugar is always salt.

Handburgers. Because you eat them with your hand.

And her old school baby talk, granket for blanket, fuffess for princess, zhues for shoes.

Now when she thinks no one is watching or listening you can catch her humming anything from the Bridal March to The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme.) Could be something from Sgt. Pepper's or Deep Purple or The Rolling Stones. I really don't know how she knows this crap.

And The Eyebrows. We have been trying to capture them on film for a long time, but they're elusive. She really can't get the full on Eyebrows at will, it's gotta be spontaneous, but this is close:

It took a lot of tries, too.

Aggie is on her first Girl Scout sleepover as I write. They went to the Carnegie Science Center for the night. The theme is Urban Legends. I hope she loves it as much as I loved Girl Scout sleepovers and I'm pretty sure she will because I ceased to exist the minute she stepped into the parking lot.

Sam has The Germ. But hey, I finally let a kid stay home from school when they were actually sick! So he's been in the recliner all day. He's had a couple mild hot toddies and got to spend part of the day without parental supervision when Mark & I went to town. Living large, he is.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I got bucked off. Yep. It was rainy but mild today so I took the rope halter and some reins up into the pasture with the intention of taking Nikki in a few circles inside the fence. Instead, I bumped into Admiral first and he picked up the halter in his mouth like a dog, so I haltered him instead. I hopped on his muddy back and walked him around for maybe a minute before Nikki came tearing across the field toward us. I should have remember that a slight warm up like today makes them super nutso playful. She came from behind so I wasn't expecting her and Admiral took off after her up the hill, in and out of the trees, gaining speed. I was half laughing and half holding on. I had to lie down on his neck to duck branches, and we eventually made it to the top gate. I didn't really try to slow him because it was too fun. Then Nikki spun off back down the hill and he wanted to follow just as fast but I wasn't up to galloping bareback down the muddy hill so I held him back. I knew he was majorly frustrated, but I was only asking for the smallest amount of patience. Just get me back down the hill, that's all.

So we made it halfway down before his nose dropped to the ground, he gave a couple baby bucks, and down I went in the mud. He tried to make a run for it, but I was quick enough to snatch him up before he could get up enough speed to escape me. I wasn't too keen about trying to get bucked off into the mud again, but I knew I couldn't just let Admiral think he could buck me off and keep me off, so I got back on & rode the rest of the way down the hill.

I couldn't bear to make him work when Nikki was having so much fun without him, so I turned him loose with a 'Woohoo!' and threw my hands in the air to get them both running and bucking and rearing. 'Woohoo!' and they'd gallop past. 'Woohoo!' and they'd kick out and really turn on the speed. I pretty much loved every muddy minute of it, even the slow motion falling on my butt in the mud.


Camp Papa said...

Celebrate having a body that can fall off a horse and still allow you any options at all. I remember having such a body.

Camp Papa said...

Oh, yeah, those eyebrows are a force of nature! What a beautiful child.

osagebluffquilter said...

Somebody has dirty laundry to do now?!

Annette said...

Don't go teaching Admiral that he can buck your butt off! Un-doing all the work I've put into him! Yes, when he wants to run, he does not want to hear "slow down."

Glad you're okay. And glad you got back on.

Camp Papa's right. I remember when I still bounced. Now I just splat. And moan. And cry.

Becky said...

Woohoo! You make that ride sound fun!

And the eyebrows are a masterpiece.

Sara said...

Thanks Camp Papa & Becky, for better summing up the eyebrows than I. They're even more powerful in person. :)

Always dirty laundry always. I'm sure you coulda guessed that already, Osagebluff!

No worries Annette, none of the 'work' is undone. He's just as goofy as he always was. ;) Actually, to be fair, we went out for a little today (Brrr!), properly equipped,and he was a perfect gentleman. Just needs a proper brushing and butt scratching. He'd never admit it, but he misses our rides. I know it.