Friday, July 31, 2009

I Liked The Movie Krull As Much As The Next Person

Firstly, this is for my Mom. She taught me everything I ever needed to know about how to make toast. Especially that it is a very important food group along with hot tea, cold cereal, and grilled cheese sammiches.

The Speedy Slice.What is with the the open-faced baked bean sandwich?

Here's another Just Because that I'm going to be looking for in my local grocery store. Cheeseburger In A Can.

But what I really wanted to tell you was how Lily's very first sleep over was going. She is about a mile away at her friend K's house. They played with toys, played in K's playhouses, and ate rigatoni.

K's Mom and I keep in touch mainly through email. We set up playdates and check in on how things are going. It's pretty handy. But imagine my surprise when I get the run down on last night's events and K's mom says matter-of-factly "I did take the knives off of the girls"... Huh?! It was just somewhere in between "eating supper" and "going to bed" so I wondered if I was misunderstanding something.

So my entire reply was "Knives?!"

Turns out Lily had smuggled a couple of knives over to K's house. Yep.

Sam has a collection of knives so I suspect that's where she got them. If you've ever seen the knife sales on Home Shopping Network, you'll know what I'm talking about. Knives with resin eagle claws for handles (Great Honor!) or deer paintings on the blade or somesuch. Gifts he'd received from relatives over the years, goodness knows why. Super classy.

So it could have been those. Could've been any old piece of crap pen knife floating around the house. I take it for granted that there are knives everywhere. In the drawers, in the vehicles, in the barn, in my purse. It's just something we need often and have plenty of. But I never figured on needing it for a sleep over. Far as I know, she doesn't play with knives at home.

I was totally embarrassed. And baffled.


Annette said...

You just never know when you might need to cut yourself free from some unforeseen entanglement.

Michele Renee said...

Does this mean when it is your turn to have the spend-the-night that you will have to say that you have locked up the knives??!
P.S. My hubs was on a pocket knife kick a few months back buying several on Ebay.

Amy said...

Beans on toast is something they eat here sometimes. I think it's a British thing?

And I can think of many a childhood sleepover that would've been enhanced by a knife with an eagle handle! ;) Who knows? Kids get some weird notions sometimes!

Becky said...

Funny! I bet she just wanted to show her friend the wicked and dangerous knives!

That movie pic is cracking me up.

Sara said...

LOL at the knives. And her nonchalant "I took the knives off the girls." HA! It gets worse as they get older and the technology aspect comes into play.