Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jetsam and Flotsam. Yes, I will keep using it for post titles.

Target Practice

We have a customer who comes in to the office who, no matter what he stopped in for, will always manage to make reference to his adult sons. "Mah Boy" did this, and "Mah Boy" did that. Sometimes he'll mix it up and talk about his daughter, Mah Girl. I'm kind of offended by it, that he can't be bothered to use their names, almost reducing them to an "it" status, but the funniness of it overrides my indignation.

So, for future reference, if I start talking about Mah Boy, I'm talking about Sam.

So Mah Boy asked if he could do some target practice. Contrary to what you might expect, this isn't part of our daily routine already. We never really pressed the issue of hunting with him. I think we both wanted him to take an interest, to carry on the family tradition, but we also knew that Sam was more of a History Channel watcher and WWII video game player. Not a couch potato, just a thinker. If he was going to go in the woods it was to look for ancient artifacts or simply for exercise.

But I guess it turns out he's all of the above. The redneck mama in me was proud to hear that .22 being shot off the back porch. I can only imagine Mark felt the same. I want Sam (Mah Boy) to learn to do as many things as he can.

No bull's eye, but they're all within the orange ring. Good 'ole paper plate target.
Honey Bears Marching Off To War

This is just a fraction of the honey. And wait til you see the new extractor. It came today. The credit card is still reeling.

Formica Decision 2009
Not just because it's goonie Formica butcher block, but because the sink is leaking around its edges and I've already tried to fix it.
I was going to go with paper composite countertops. They're all earth friendly and whatnot (supposedly. Is using formaldehyde in your processing really all that earth friendly? I dunno)
But the paper composite dealer told me he wasn't 100 percent sold on the product for one. And for two, our house, though I really do love it, is never going to be valuable enough to warrant much more than Formica countertops.
Like, how cheesy would it be to put granite countertops in my kitchen with the fake Pergo floors and fake wood cabinets? And I'm not going to replace the flooring and cabinets when they're in very functional condition. That would not be earth friendly.
So I'm pretty much stuck on the far left choice which, in person, is very silestoney/granitey. I don't like it because it looks so matchy. And I don't enjoy matchy home decor. But it seems like the most sensible choice.
I would've loved a more slate looking choice, because the samples aren't half bad, but with my yellow kitchen walls I was afraid of it looking like The Pittsburgh Steelers Kitchen.
The white on the right was just a random choice. It's real shiny and fake marbley and not in the running to win.
Choice number 2 there is kind of concrete texture. Another desperate grab at the sample counter because I just can't commit to the first sample.
Did you know they make formica to look like stainless steel? I tell ya, what will they think of next?
So what do you think?


Becky said...

Okay, here is mah opinion: get white formica, the plainest, most non-marbley they have. Then, if you're feeling handy, paint your cabinets white. A white kitchen is like blue jeans. It will always be fashionable and it looks good.

This is spoken by someone who has a white kitchen, so take advisedly. I also like the far left option.

Sara said...

Definitely wishing for a white kitchen right about now. Every magazine I scan, the lovely white kitchens call out to me.

But I'm way too chicken to paint the cabinets. They are this weird formica-like substance themselves. Can you paint that stuff?

Jen said...

You can paint anything, even formica. Just make sure you sand the living day lights out of the cabinets, then wash thoroughly with TSP, prime with an oil-based primer and paint the final coat in white melamine. I would then replace the existing hardware (knobs and hinges) with something to match the dark slate-coloured counter (yes I like the darker counter, shows less dirt). I know you said you don't like everything to match but I know that in a yellow kitchen white cabinets and dark slate countertops look awesome. But a white counter would work too (I would just worry about stains).

Good luck!

Annette said...

Don't be bad-mouthing the goonie formica butcher block counter. If you recall, I have the same goonie counter in MY kitchen.

Never mind that I hate it and dream of the day I can afford to replace it. With what? I have no idea. And I'm so sick of our bathroom remodel, it won't happen anytime soon.

I've also toyed with painting my cabinets white. Like you, Sara, I've been too chicken.

Personally, I agree with avoiding white countertops because of stains. Anything that hides the dirt is tops on my preference list.

Sara said...

Well, now you've all got me a little stirred up.

I realized, Becky, that the last trip for samples, I had been looking for white and gave up. Your words of wisdom have again proven your Great Honorness.Now I'm back in the saddle to try again. I may have to go Corian? Dunno.

I'm intimidated by the cabinet painting procedure, but...encouraged just the same. Thanks for the how-to Jen.

Sorry, Annette! I didn't remember that we share countertop gooniness.

I agree with the dirt showing theory on one hand, but would also like to see the dirt so I could clean it. I have faith that bleach and/or Magic Eraser would be able to handle anything we do.

Thanks a million for the suggestions!

honeypiehorse said...

Definitely a tough choice but I agree you can't go with super expensive options unless you're up for a full upgrade. That honey looks lovely!

Emily said...

What Jen said. 110%. That first option makes me cringe. want honey please.

Michelle Johnson said...

I am partial to that blue sample but I love the color blue. I can make it work anywhere.

Wow. Your boy Sam is a strong target shooter.

Have a great day.

Michelle Johnson said...

I’ve returned to let you know that there’s a blog award for you at Poefusion. Have a great weekend.