Monday, October 26, 2009

Country Fried Weekend

Bee on my windshield. Kitten in a hole in the barn. 'Coon hunters. Raccoon hunters, if you please. All about a Saturday night!
' Coon Dog in a cargo van. Treeing Walker Coonhound. Code name: Jill. Very expensive GPS tracking collar.
Treed. 2 raccoons in a gigantic tree.
She is craazy for the raccoons.
Eh. I thought this would turn out better. All eyes in the top of the tree.Um. The brutal part. I spared you the worst. But she earned it.
Coon dog as lap dog? She's a first in our family. Sunday, fun day. Wood choppers. Log splitters.
Now that's what I call a family photo.
I also call this a family photo. Log splitter serving as camera tripod.

I didn't have to ask Mark twice to pose with his chainsaw.


OsageBluffquilter said...

Now that family photo is a Keeper! Love it!
As for a lap dog, BT beat Mark on that one, he's had the 82 lb black lab trained to sit on his lap in the lawn chair for a whole summer now.
As for that GPS dog collar, think I can strap my car GPS on my dog. I need to go green and save some bucks?

honeypiehorse said...

I don't get why you don't have your own TV show.

Amy said...

What a great family pic! You guys are the coolest ever, I agree that a TV show is a must! I would totally watch.

Annette said...

Oh, please. No TV show. Think of what happened to Jon and Kate. Those things never end well.

But the photo essay of your weekend is priceless. And I bet Jill was as happy as a clam being a lap dog.

The family photo HAS to be your Christmas card pic for 2009!

Sara said...

lol, Patti! That would be a truly perfect redneck setup as long as there was duct tape involved. I knew I liked you!

We Love It, Don't We? the TV Show! Hee! Or maybe The Hickory Hillbillies? So many possibilities!

I thought the exact same thing, Annette: Christmas Card.

Amy said...

I think men have a thing about their chainsaws. Like, sure, grope my wife -- but touch my chainsaw?? BACK OFF, BUDDY. SOME THINGS ARE SACRED.

Loved the photos, especially the barn kitty... thanks for sharing the weekend!

Sara said...

Great photos! The family one is great! And the coon dog as a lap dog is a first too. Smart too, having the GPS tracker.

Emily said...

Awesome Post!!!!!!we DO love it!!!!