Thursday, October 1, 2009

Now That's Italian! No, wait, it's totally not.

This blog isn't really big on snark, though I appreciate well done snark and may partake in real life. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled whatever-it-is-I-do-here shortly, but for now, can you just please enjoy this with me? Thanks!

Overheard on the Facebook recently....

Expectant Mother (known for sloppy, over-sharing status updates) :
ok people.....give me some possible girl names for the baby plz :)
Yep, gonna ask my Facebook friends what to name my offspring.

Friend: Shalaiah
Aren't you missing a few more Shalalalalalalalala's in there somewhere?

Another Friend: I kinda made one up, well I put 2 names together that I really like if I would decide to have another, but have since thought about it and realized it's too much like my youngest daughter's middle name...McKenadie (or just Kenadie I love both)
No, you did not make up a name. You randomly combined "Mc" and some consonants and vowels. And what are those 2 favorite names that you supposedly combined?

Male Friend: How about mythological like "Athena"? Or perhaps something like "Shyla"? "Ramona" maybe?
How about "Irony?"

Yet Another Friend: I like the Athena one. That's pretty. Also thought of Dakota, Caren, and sophia.

Bestest Answering Friend: My girls are Sierra Dawn and Sadie Jo. But I also like Savannah, Kenzi. I have a friend who names there girls Avenna, Myrella and Daylore. I believe those are italian names. I also like Abigail.
Thank you, mother of Sierra Dawn and Sadie Jo, for making my day. And those all sound like Herpes treatments.


Emily said...

suggest Summer Ice to your friend. lol

Lorraine said...

Hey Sara,

It's me Jen (aka Lorraine). My new blog is called 'This Is Not Your Typical Mommy Blog' (my former blog was 'Little House on Ann Street). Sorry I haven't commented in awhile, but I've been MIA. Just trying to get the gardens put to bed before the snow hits. And I'm also trying to get adjusted to having my little girl in Grade 1.

Becky said...

OMG. This is rich and delicious!


McKenadie is the worst idea of any kind I have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Snarky you. Too funny!! Avenna? Myrella?? Daylore???

Howzabout Avrellore? I just made it up. Or maybe it's Italian.

Amy said...

Herpes medications!! Oh, you are so right. That is hilarious. I can just see little Daylore now.

I think we should Mc to every name--it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. McDakota!

honeypiehorse said...

I've always been partial to the names Gaylord for a boy and Debris or Celery for a girl. Or perhaps Placenta.

Annette said...

Thank you soooo much for making me snort coffee through my nose this morning.

Sara said...

Best Blog Comments EVER! Still laughing. Say more, say more!

From now on you can call me:
McSaralaiah McDakota

There is a Summer Ice living in our town. True story. We all wept for her when we read the birth announcement in the paper.

Lorraine, I've got some catching up to do, too.

Becky, all I know is, I wish we were all together in person making these comments.

Fraught, 'Avrellore' That is SO pretty! And you could use it for a boy or a girl. Or an evil wizard!

Amy, I'm having trouble answering the phone here at work because I keep laughing about McDakota. It is the epitome of homemade names!

HPH, would you believe there's a Gaylord in our family? By marriage.
Debris? Celery? Placenta? There is so much right about those names! You totally have the knack.

Annette, I'm right there with you!

Doesn't all this make everyone want to have a baby just so you can name it something incredible?!!

Annette said...

Sara, girlfriend, you're missing the big picture here. No need to have a baby to use these names. You've been given the holly grail of cat names for your next batch of kittens!

Annette said...

Of course you know I meant HOLY grail, not Holly.

How about Pylarden for a name? That's my word verification for today.

Sara said...

Aha! Both excellent names: Holly Grail and Pylarden.

I think you're on to something: Word verification as baby name generator. And if you're feeling crazy, just add "Mc" to the beginning of it.

Sara said...

At least she isn't talking about her colostrum leaking, or how many ounces she pumped or her inverted nipple issues. Just give her time, I'm sure it will get "better". *snark* :D

OsageBluffquilter said...

I just like names I can easily pronounce!
When I worked for an Insurance company (yes I did at one time) this guy had his beneficaries listed as his daughters, Faith, Hope and Charity.
I'm gonna look for that smoked bologna video!

Becky said...

Excellent idea. Applying it to my word verification gives us McQuilit.

Is that a boy or a girl??

Amy said...

Hee hee! These are really fun. :)People definitely make some *interesting* choices for names. Like when Ashlee Simpson named her baby Bronx Mowgli. Are you KIDDING me??

Analisa said...

I just think it is horrid when folks make up names for their kids. In the 60s and 70s when I grew up there were no Analisa's. I hated my name for years. It is a real name, German in origin...u can look at my pic and know it is safe to say I am not of German decent.

When I was pregnant with my son a bus driver asked me if I knew what I was having and what I was going to name the baby. I told him a boy and I would name him Paul. He told me I should name my son a strong african name. I asked if he had kids, he said no. I said well when you have kids you give them a strong african name. Maybe he should pick McKente