Monday, November 30, 2009

'Tis The Season

Not that Season. Deer Season!

Time to locate that one special, strategically placed tree. The one with the most prehistorically giant poison ivy vine growing up it. It's itchy branches reaching out like an umbrella of poison berries over your head. Time to enjoy the irony of your little plastic safety glasses as you climb the tree with no safety harness. (The thing Mark's sitting in is the thing with which he is climbing btw. It is in two parts and he inches each one up and settles his weight onto it hoping it holds. Sorry if that is elementary to anyone reading.)

Time for me to lose my hunting license at 6am on the first day of hunting season so I can't carry a rifle into the woods. I can however don my gayest orange apparel, go out in the pouring rain, climb a jumbo steep hill, shimmy under the electric fence in the mud, and sit in the cold, cold rain with Mah Boy for his first ever first day of deer season.

And it was great! And way luckier than usual on a boy's (or girl's) first hunt ever. It was a very good shot though.
So I'm proud and happy. And Sam was, too, I think. And he immediately went into the house and cooked up some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins & hot tea.


And Hot Tea.

Deer Hunting, Muffins, and Hot Tea.

So there you have it, Sports Fans. I guess that's how we do it here in Hickory.


OsageBluffquilter said...

Way to go SAM!! Congratualtions. I love hot tea too, lets have a cup together.
BT went hungting for the past two weeks, he was finally succesful this weekend. Yuck tonight we have to cut both of them up.
Good luck to Mark . . .

Amy said...

Go Sam! He looks very proud in that pic. And that tree climbing contraption looks very interesting. Mark is far braver than I! (As if there was any debate about that.)

And I love a kid who makes hot tea and muffins for everyone! Well done, Mom.

Becky said...

He brings home the deer and bakes up the muffins. You are doing all right with that boy! Yay for him!

And Mark is scaring the hecks out of me with that tree climbing contraption.

Camp Papa said...

Down south, when a boy kills his first deer he has his shirt tail cut off and his face smeared with the deer's blood. Is that too atavistic? Good on ya', Sam.

Sara said...

Tanks everybody!

Patti, can you believe Mark opted to not do the processing and gave the deer to a friend?! Our freezer is already full so I guess I won't hold it against him. I wasn't exactly dying to wrap meat myself.

The hot tea and muffins thing was making me laugh. I was calling him "Sammaw" as in Sam & Grandma put together. I swear he kind of liked it. Love that kid.

The climbing contraption is actually a might safer, in my opinion, than the homemade job he had my perched in one year. I swear you had to climb half upside down to get into it!

Camp Papa, I think we do it in reverse with the shirt tail up here. If you *miss* your first deer, the missing shirt tail is a mark of shame. There was some talk of heart eating, blood sipping, and preserving certain male parts of the deer, but it was all in jest! I guess we're not so hardcore after all!

Annette said...

Congratulations to Sam! I just heard from DH and he's had no such luck so far.

Michele Renee said...

I am way impressed!
Keep the news of your neck of the woods coming!

Anonymous said...

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