Sunday, March 14, 2010

GiveItAway GiveItAway GiveItAway Now.

Hey, All. I didn't forget, I swear!

So a big ol' Thank You for the awesome website name suggestions! You guys really come through, I tell you what.

When I mentioned the giveaway to Mark, he said it was a great idea because all of you are quite witty. But we all knew that already, didn't we?

Michele R., so many fantabulous ideas! Mark's eyes lit up over Bedillion's Gold, as he is forever announcing during honey extractions and bottlings, "It's liquid gold!"

Veronica, I so enjoy A Million Bedillion Bees. It makes me smile. Surely kids' books are a perfectly excellent source of inspiration?

Hi, Ange! Thanks for the happy thoughts. No worries on the names. Exactly why I'm asking for help out here: chicken fried brains.

Becky, your naming skills are undeniable. Bedillion's Bees: classic, refined, positioning us to take over the world of cool bee stuff. Coming to the lip gloss section of a Target near you soon.

Sara, In Your Beeswax, indeed!

Well, Amy Down Under,(and maybe you too HoneyPieHorse?) didn't I just feel like the lame hostess of the giveaway party when I realized I can't give you a dang thing? ...What is the opposite of 'down under?' Is it 'up over?' Because next time you're that, I will gladly ship you some honey. And I do like Bedillion's Of Bees.

Em, Mark was dead serious when he said, "Someone probably already used Bees 'n'at." (For those of 'yinz' who don't speak Pittsburghese...well, maybe be thankful that doesn't make sense to you...'n'at.)

Thanks, Patti! Becky is right; the whiskey loosens it right up. I mean the microwave. The microwave loosens it up. Just be careful not to cook it or scald it or something. You can also do a hot water bath or leave it in your hot car in the Summer. Really! If I'm using it for tea, the crystallized honey is actually what I prefer. Much less messy. But not so good for your biscuits. And that's important, too.

Rock on, Amy!! Those are great! (I always miss the dang deadlines. Heck, look at me, 2 days after it ended finally getting my butt back online....) And I can't wait to hear what your brother and his band finally come up with.

So, pretty much, you guys are awesome. Thank you, thank you.

Have we decided on a name yet? Hecks no! But all of these great ideas are in the mix and we're that much closer. And if we use one of your suggestions, there's liquid gold headed your way.


Forgetting what? I'm forgetting something?

Oh, ya!!! The winner!

So without further ado, the winnah is:
Michele R.!!

We'll be sending some sweetness your way. And some waxiness. Everybody loves waxiness.

Now, if anybody's really got a hankerin' for some beeswax and Bedillion's honey, giveaway or no, just give me a holler and I think we arrange that. You all are my sweet bloggy friends and I'm happy to spread some love. And honey. And wax. So don't be shy. ;-)

Thanks again, you guys! xoxo


Veronica said...

I would SO very much love to buy some honey and beeswax from you, let me know how to do it!

Sara said...

Congrats to the winner! Great giveaway and good luck with your new name. :) I'd love to try your honey and beeswax too, so can't wait to see your site up and running.

Michele R said...

I am so excited to have won some of that liquid gold from your neck of the woods. Thanks!!!

Michele R said...

BTW, I have now had that Red Hot Chili Peppers song in my head for two days now (Give it away)
What I've got you've got to give it to your momma
What I've got you've got to give it to your poppa.....

honeypiehorse said...

I'm afraid I'm too far away. But I love the name A Million Bedillion Bees!