Monday, March 22, 2010

Horse Dirt And Wood Smoke And Birthday Cake

Spring sprung this weekend. In between hormonal fits of spontaneous napping (and fretting,) I joined the fam outside in the prettiness.

The go cart came out of hibernation.
When the cows weren't smoking themselves in the fire, they were skipping and bucking after the go cart. I don't know why they kept standing in that smoke? Weird.But I guess Lily was smoking herself in a burn pile of her own. Of course we roasted hot dogs after the sun went down.
Potatoes were planted. Onions and Swiss chard, too.
Garlic is coming up.
And if you look really, really closely to those tiny dots on the ceiling and wall, the blasted, brackafrackin' Asian beetle ladybug things are still polluting the house. Warm weather means they'll only be more infestatious (yup, "infestatious".) They are everywhere. Plopping into your beverage. Sharing the shower. Filling all the light fixtures.

Mark has the vacuum running about 12 hours a day, sucking them up with the hose. He thinks they know the sound of the sweeper and run for cover when he switches it on.

Don't mind this not so cute picture of me. Point being, the super top secret ear massage that Nikki loves so well. You have to get down in there with your thumbs. Gross, but she reeeeeeealllly loves it. The picture doesn't fully capture her rapture.

And since I'm totally not pouting because everyone says I shouldn't ride when I'm knocked up, and I haven't ridden in months and now I won't get to ride for more months, so many more months...I'm just going to try to enjoy the opportunity to groom and pet them, though the weather simply could not be more perfect for riding. Did I mention riding? sniff.

Really not a cute picture!.....

But check out this cute picture. Aggie's science project t shirt. She got an A+, yes, she did.
Mark & Sam built and painted these nucleus hive bodies last week. We thought it would be fun to do something other than white. Pretty crazy blue. But I think multi-colored hives look pretty, all mismatched out in the field.
Sam's hair had a perfect haze of blue after using the sprayer.

And finally, today is Mah Baby's 8th. Her dad made her pancakes before school for breakfast, and she fully expected today to be "the best day of her life" because: it is her 8th birthday, she has gym class, everyone in class will sing 'Happy Birthday' to her, and she will be getting a pencil from her teacher.
Pretty much sounds like a great day to me! Wait 'til she sees the new socks I got her. Talk about best day of your life!

Kind of disjointed post, but my brain has been trapped in the old well and Lassie has yet to return with help.


gretchen said...

First of all, that IS a cute picture of you. I so wish I could grow my hair out into your hair. Gorgeous. I also envy you that go cart! Jude would go nuts over it. Can't imagine what we'd do with it in the middle of Los Angeles, but...

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

At least you got her socks and not the dreaded UNDERWARE!!!!

Girl, you look great for being prego!

BT planted lettuce and radishes friday, I just pray he reaps something before the rabbits and deer get it.

Sara said...

The go-cart looks fun! I like that you let her play with fire/smoke. Free range, yes. :) The picture is good and I can see the rapture in the horse's face. What a weird horse. ;) Happy birthday to her!

Annette said...

Add my sniffling to the lack of horse riding situation. :-(

honeypiehorse said...

What kind of pregnant tummy is THAT? I thought you were a few months along by now. Are you one of those horrible women who don't look pregnant from behind??

Amy said...

(You are adorable.) So young and trim looking! And, how did you ever discover she liked her ears rubbed that way?

Hope that your brain and little Timmy made it out okay. I remember that first trimester feeling very, VERY well. :)

Becky said...

Love this slice of life. Happy Birthday to your big girl baby! I wish they would stop getting older, these girls.

I think the hives look rad! Do the bees prefer one color over another?

Awesome picture of you too, as usual!

Amy said...

Have I mentioned your hair? I mean, this morning? Yes, I guess I have already. Okay. I won't say anything else about MY ENVY.

Love your catch-us-up posts. I am behind obviously cos I haven't put in potatoes OR chard. But my garlics look just like that. Except about only a tenth as many.

And... riding. Oh, riding. I think I found out we'll be back at it about the same time. (It is a passing thing.) And then there will be SELL-UH-BRAAAATION. xo