Friday, April 23, 2010

...had my head so far up my uterus...

Sorry. That's a bad visual. And a pretty accurate picture of where my brain's been.
On top of having trouble still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm pregnant, I've had 3 bouts of food sickness- one keeping me in bed for 2 days, the expected normal nausea and sundry hormonal grossness, an episode I'm fairly convinced was mildly epileptic, moodiness & exhaustion from hell, and general fear of the future. So. Wah.
I been meanin' to post, but then blogger wouldn't cooperate with my photos (gawd, am I the only idiot who has this much trouble dragging photos??,) and then the anti-virus would need updating for infinity minutes, and then I'd lose interest and go lie down. Then I'd think as I was lying there You're in no frame of mind to blog. You're thinking and acting weird. Maybe you ought to lie low for a while. So I guess I kind of did that, too.

What else have we been up to in the last weeks tho'?
There was the Maple Syrup Festival.After pancakes we walked around town to the kiosks and booths, through the museum, past the horse drawn carriage!
They let me pet him.Then there was a horse pull at the nearby fairgrounds. Much, much more entertaining to me than anyone else in our group.My photos weren't so hot but let me tell you, those horses, they were pretty. And strong.
From the horse pull Mark & I travelled to the farm where we buy maple syrup to sell at the market. The family has been making syrup for generations.

They also milk cows. Photogenic cows.There on their farm and all along the route you can see the maple trees tapped and strung with tubing to collect the sap. It's pretty impressive. So many trees. You can kind of see the tubing here:And then I went pregnant crazy for a few days and then I was ok.

Then Mark did some Spring beekeeping. He purchased some packaged bees to add more hives to the "herd."

Packages of bees behind the seat of the truck:
Sam helped him get everyone installed in their new homes. That's the suit he got for his birthday. (I would've duct taped those pant legs shut though!) One of the queenies in her cage being investigated by her ladies in waiting:
*yaaaawn* It is so boring when we can't go riding, isn't it, Nik?We had the annual Easter egg hunt at Wagner's Greenhouse.
'Tis the season to be gobble-gobbled awake every morning by wild turkeys pitching woo. It's a pretty nice way to wake up actually. That and the crowing of the rooster who insists he must be right below the bedroom window when he greets the sun. Ah, it's ok, he's a good kid.
Sam has been studying his Italian. If you can't find him, check in his "office."Sure, it's the closet, but the shelf is right at desk level, he's made a seat out of a rubbermaid container, got his lamp, dry erase board & calendar, books, and my laptop on loan in there. (And all the extra household bed linens he could possibly need.)
There is just enough room to shut the door right at your back. Pretty much an office. And a fun hiding place.
A big storm blew through the county last week.
My weren't we singing praises to the generator when the power went out! You just couldn't hear us singing over the noise of the generator.

The storm blew some jumbo trees down.A big 'ole cherry tree right on the fence. Fortunately there were no escapees.Sad to see such a nice tree go. I love trees. But that's another zubject.
Lily is on a hobo kick lately. She draws hobos and she builds hobo camps. Duct tape, sticks, and old bed sheets=awesome.

She took me on a tour of the empty pig pen the other day. Like I'd never seen this pig pen in the past 6 years we lived here.

But I let her show me the particular spots by the creek that were hers or Aggies. The area is on the far side of the barn and kind of out of sight of everything, so I can see how they'd feel like they were in a whole other world. She showed me where they made mud pies, where they'd unearthed bits of old junky pottery from the creek bed.

She showed me the "island" on the other side of the creek. The stones they sit on or cross the creek on.

It was awesome. It'll be kind of a bummer when the pigs move back in. Fortunately, their hobo tent is just outside the pig pen, so all is not lost.

Aaaand, most recently, yesterday, in fact, comma, Mark opened the market for the season. Not chock full like Summer, but still full of lots of goodies. Good and good for you. ;-)So far off to a nice start. Here's hoping for a super year. Reckon I' got onsies and papooses to buy.That there is my hero of a husband. Dude has had to deal with some major, major issues from me lately, and he has handled it like a true champion. I love 'at boy.

Roger, Wilco, and I'm Out For Now.


Annette said...

I'm so glad the market is open again. Planning on hitting there later today.

And I'm soooo sorry you're still feeling crappy. :-(

Love the picture of the 2 cows peeking out the barn window. You should enter that one in the fair or some other photo contest.

I remember having an "island" along the creek here when I was a kid, too. It's a great life.

Sara said...

Love the pictures!!! I figured you were getting pregnancy brain. It is easy to do. The market looks awesome!