Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cause and Effect

My husband's recent manic foray back into the world of racoon hunting and coon dogs has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.

First there was the nostalgic emotional high my dear husband was on. Then my descent into madness, through the bone jarring loop de loop of marital negotiations, and now finally the track seems to be smoothing out.

I've made peace with the possibility of having 'Jill' become a part of the family. She's quiet for the most part, and she does what she's supposed to do. But more importantly, she gave me a huge amount of marital currency without my husband even buying her.

You see, the price tag on Jill is $700. Add that to the huge amount of emotional grief this process has put me through, and that equals enough Husband Guilt to give me new flooring in 5 rooms, 2 new ceilings, baseboards, and 3 rooms newly painted. That's huge. That's something I couldn't accomplish in 5 plus years of 'asking.'

So, Jill, you deserve to live here. You can poop in my yard all you want.


Becky said...

Wow, that is a lot of home improvement for one dog! I would say you made out well. And I linked to you in my post today. I hope that's okay!

And Jill is a beagle? Could my beagle learn to coon hunt, and if so, do you want her?

Sara said...

Ha! We had a beagle when I was in the hormonal depths of pregnancy and she's lucky to have survived! Could. not. take. barking.
Jill's a Treeing Walker Coonhound. Far as I know, they chase coon & beagles chase rabbits. I tried the argument that surely our Labradors could be trained to chase coons? No go.
I am honored to be linked to!!

Michele said...

Jill looks just like a dog we had for 11 years. Named her Ellie--we found her in Elijay, GA on a camping trip which was 3 kids ago. She looked like a little 9 lb beagle...but then she grew and grew. She lived a long life. We just figured she was a mix but a few years ago determined she was a Treeing Walker Hound. We had another dog and Ellie only howled if he was not with her always. She was very sweet and looked like she had black eyeliner around her eyes.
--Michele in Atlanta