Saturday, November 15, 2008

Current Pet Roll Call

In no particular order:
1. Helen- Bunny-soft calico cat, talkative, licks a lot which is sometimes gross
2. YoYo- Black & White tuxedo cat, de-clawed by his previous owner, drools when he's happy, called Oreo by his first family
3. Baby Coco- Maine Coone-ish, black & white cat born on the farm, has many extra toes, pretty and soft
4. Peanut- Baby Coco's full sister, tortoise tabby with one orange tabby buttock, extra long tail, talkative, totally normal feet
5. Penny- 7 year old yellow Dudley Labrador Retriever, her mind is a terrible thing to waste but she does it anyway, LOVES swimming
6. Copper- not quite 1 year old son of Penny, also yellow Dudley, his most common gait is hopping around like Tigger
7. Admiral Pondwalker-Sorrel gelding Appaloosa horse with only 3 or 4 tiny spots ,if you can find them, my husband's horse, but mainly ridden by my friend Annette, likes to test new riders, fun to gallop, I love him
8.Nikki-Bay Appaloosa/Arab mare, she might have a spot if you look hard, my baby, nice trot, bucks when we canter, totally love her
9. Buddy- Best Steer Ever, Sorrel Short Horn?, bottle raised in the front yard, still plays like a calf even though he's got to weigh half a ton, will eat most anything
10. CalfLac- Buddy's Step Brother, red and white Short Horn Steer, also bottle raised here, he's never been as friendly as the other steers but he's alright
11. The Heifers- 2 black Angus feeder calves, I like to look at them, but we're not quite family yet, I'd love for them to grow up and have babies here
12. The Baldies-2 white faced, black Angus, brother and sister, they're relatively new, easy going
13. The Hogs-They're all feeder pigs right now as opposed to breeding stock, so nobody has a name. They're still fun to visit with, give 'em scratches behind the ear or kitchen scraps as a treat. I think they are all currently Spots: black and white spotted
14. The Chickens- Running about in their coop, they give us fresh eggs (well, not while they're running) & the rooster gives us ambiance, crowing pretty much whenever he wants. I believe they're Cornish-Rock crosses, but could be Rhode Island Reds, and there are a couple of Silkies-a gift from a chicken farmer friend for the kids. I haven't got anybody to raise a clutch out of this flock.
15. The Pond Fish- Husband tells me a hatchery dumped a buttload of fingerlings in there towards the end of Summer, along with snails, clams, and I don't know what else. Supposed to be Catfish & Bass & some kind of Panfish, I think
16. The Goldfish-In our 50 gallon aquarium are 3 goldfish who've lived here as long as we have. Our neighbor across the street had fish that had a bunch of babies and she gave us a few. She had them in a baby pool in her cellar.
17. The Fatheads-Sam caught a couple minnows out of the creek & keeps them in an aquarium in his room.

Seriously, I was starting to think this wouldn't end...
Oh, ya
18. maybe- Jill, the Treeing Walker Coonhound- her trial period is coming to an end, and a decision must be made. Unfortunate timing of the full moon meant that Husband hasn't been able to hunt her for a couple days. She is really a super sweet dog, smart, seems to have gobs of potential, has treed coon all by herself since she's been here. I, of course, can't vote 'yes' on her, but we'll see what happens.

So that was fun. And a nice little time capsule to have, since this list is forever changing. We'll see how it looks in six months or so.


denise rich said...

That sounds like the kind of bunch of pets I'd like to have, you really caught my attention when you got to the bovine, it's a personal goal of mine to have a pet cow or two eventually. These will become my models for some of my paintings in the future! Too bad you didn't post photos.

Becky said...

Sounds like Jill is growing on you. . .