Monday, January 26, 2009

Wanna See Somethin' Gross?

No, not this:

These aren't gross.

This is Proud Poppa and his baby girl Jill. These are her furs. They haven't got to hunt much due to too cold weather, full moons, and dog fertility issues.
Well, that damned Steelers head band might be a little gross. We'll save Mark's hat history for another day.
Mark, Pops, and Uncle Delbert all took the trip up to the fur buyers. Mark said they laughed continuously and had a great time. Well, Pops said he's never going again. But that's because Mark wouldn't turn the heat on in the truck. In fact, turned on the air conditioning just to drive him crazy. This kind of stuff is non-stop around here.
So here's proof I wasn't making this stuff up. Pardon Mark's photography. So you can see the fine proprietess of the shop. Mark says she's just a real nice lady.
That's some kind of inside out animal she's handling. See? Gross.
This is her employee fleshing a raccoon hide.
This is Pops. Here's Mr. Fur Buyer showing some furs to Uncle Delbert.
Here are some raccoon and fox furs on stretchers.
Here's our pile of deer hides. They were salted after they were removed from the deer.
And here's an entire shed full of deer hides. And back here at home we have ducks visiting. We started with 5 pairs & we've had as many as 9 pairs.
I'm trying to end on a cute note.

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Becky said...

Let me be the first to say, Hey Delbert, put a piece of cheese on it!

Great post--totally interesting to me. All the pictures of the hides, wow!