Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nice to see you could make it.

Finally. So glad you could take time out of your busy schedule to actually show up for work, Tooth Fairy. On the first night, no less.
No, I won't bring up all the times you've failed to make it. The times you've left your little fairy-sized notes of apology. Times you've shown up three days after the fact.
Not sure how much easier we could make it for you. We've given up on leaving teeth under pillows. Now we leave them under a spotlight in the middle of the kitchen table to save you the trouble of waiting for the children to fall asleep or stumbling over hard plastic toys in the dark.

I'm trying to help you out here. I realize you have a day job too.

Realize that you came home from work yesterday and the first thing you did was change into those faded green long johns and curl up in ball on the sofa. I understand that you sat there twirling that same lock of hair and stared blankly at the tv for most of the night. I know you never moved from that spot til you had your supper of dry Chocolately Delight Special K and hot toddy.

So kudos to you for noticing this:

And I hope you'll hang in there just a bit longer. We only have a couple more teeth to go before you can retire.


Annette said...

Aw, come on. Cut the tooth fairy some slack. Everyone is experiencing cut-backs so the tooth fairy is probably being asked to fill in for some laid-off elves and angels, too.

I hope Lilly got a bonus for being so patient. ;-)

Becky said...

LOL, our Tooth Fairy is a total slacker too.

Tipper said...

Oh I remember the days of the tooth fairy forgetting-and then heavean forbid foretting the next night too! Cute pics-she looks excited about the tooth.

Belle said...

Our tooth-fairy ran off with a bullfrog ages ago. Tart. Luckily the Tooth Elf hung around for a while until the last tooth worked it's way out.