Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why I love my kids' school

We're in our 7th year of schooling in our school district, and so far I really can't complain. I think, though I'm certainly no expert, that they really do right by the children. The kids are all doing well and they have been very fond of pretty much every teacher they've had so far. I also think it's cool that their great-grandma used to teach there way back when. I never would have guessed my own kids would attend there. Just like I never would have guessed they'd be living in the house their great-grandfather was born in. Neat-o.

Anyway, it's got the small town benefit (yes, benefit) of lots of people already knowing you and your business. I like that when I call (which isn't often) I barely have to explain whose mom I am before they know me. And that they just know stuff about my kids. Like when I stopped in to pick up Sam's science project or he wouldn't get to keep it because he couldn't bring it home on the bus, everyone in the office was discussing where they thought he left it, who his partner was, etc. and they took multiple trips through the school to find it. Maybe that's normal, but I was impressed.

So when I emailed the school nurse to let her know that I wasn't blowing off my obligation to report our vaccinations to the school, the first part of her reply was this:

"Regarding the weather, I'm about ready to take the bridge; if we hadn't had school today, they'd have found me under the bed sucking my thumb!!! I like my days off in the warm weather when I can get out and work in my garden."

I laughed my butt off, because my letter was all 'Dear Mrs. Nurse, Blahblahblah.' Plus she told me to stop apologizing for not having it in to her already and that I was most definitely not on her list of 'slacker moms.' She'll never know what a soothing balm those words of affirmation were to me. Plus I love the fact that on the few occasions the kids have had to go to the nurse, she's the perfect blend of caring but not overreacting.

Go Rangers!


Coffee with Cathy said...

There is nothing like living in a small town, where you can sneeze while you're alone in your kitchen and two hours later at the grocery store your neighbor from down the street asks you how your cold is. I love it! Lucky you.

Becky said...

The nurse does sound like a gem. And I know what you mean about not wanting your kids' school to think you're a slacker! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I like the sound of small-town life. I don't mind everybody knowing my business, because I CERTAINLY want to know theirs.