Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gettin' Buggy With It

The girls were out in the high grass catching cabbage moths when I came home from work yesterday. Aggie had a net and whenever she'd catch a moth she'd give it to Lily to place in an overturned glass on the concrete slab by the cellar door.

The slab is sometimes a catchall for bee hive equipment or folding chairs or flower pots or whatever gets left there un-put away. Things sit there and we all walk past them until they finally become invisible and therefore never put away. (Until I have a rare fit of tidiness.)

Currently there are a couple empty 5 gallon honey pails and a plastic milk crate full of mismatched glassware from the old Suzie Q. The Suzie Q (if I'm spelling that correctly) was a bar on the main drag of Hickory, known miles around for its refrigerated beer tap. One of Mark's (many) favorite haunts back in the day. He said it wasn't uncommon for the bartender to just up and leave and put you in charge while he was gone. Also, the refrigerated tap was just a bunch of hype. Just for show. But I dare you to say that to any of the believers. Blasphemy!

So anyway, my kids are playing with beer, shot, and highball glasses under the porch. (Because they've already set off all the fireworks.) And they're catching cabbage moths, though I doubt that's their proper scientific name. It all started after I told them about my grandfather paying me a nickel per moth because they would lay eggs on his cabbages and broccoli and cauliflower.

Lucky for my pocketbook they set them all free. That could've set me back a good 80 or 90 cents!

And speaking of bugs, the 'lightning bugs' were out last night. Summertime!

Oh, but I know what the moths also reminded me of. Pretty funny, really. When I was about 10 years old, my best friend gave me a sticker and it had a funny little cartoon man standing inside a drinking glass and the sticker said "You're in a glass by yourself."


honeypiehorse said...

Our kids catch snails. They wish I'd give them a glass jar outside but they are forced to work with plastic containers like amateurs.

Michelle Johnson said...

I never caught cabbage moths before but, I sure have captured enough lightning bugs in my day. I enjoyed that immensely. Sounds like your kids can entertain themselves pretty well. Have a great day.

Emily said...

I remember that sticker. It took me a long time to get it. Can you call me the next time they are catching the moths so I can send Eden over?