Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Town Snapshot Sunday (On Monday)

Small Town Snapshot.

Baby CoCo. I never get tired of looking at his crazy paws. He's not as irritated as he looks. He was crying after me when I walked away.
Berries! Fishin'! Doesn't matter if you didn't catch anything. Or if your hook got snagged on something and snapped your line and you fell in trying to fish your bobber out with a stick. Just ask Sam.OOOOoooh mygoodness it feels sooo good when you get down in there and scratch the inside of my ear like that! Um. You can't fit in there.Alrighty then.

I'M FREE!!FREEEE!!I turned him loose, and turned his little corral into a creep feeder. Sawed the board by my ownself and nailed it up to the fence posts. I'm so handy. (Ha!) See:That way he can "creep" in to get his feed but the horses and big cows can't. Works like a charm. "SweetPea" had been confined to that little corral since his Mama passed. We wanted to make sure he was getting plenty to eat, bottles of milk replacer and calf starter feed, and to get him tamed down a little.

I knew he would be happy to be turned out with everyone else, but I was still so tickled to watch him skipping and bouncing and bucking around. Psalm 29:6 " He maketh them also to skip like a calf." There is hardly a better way to describe the embodiment of unfettered happiness. Little dude was happy.
Mark was a little afraid that the horses might pick on him, but later in the evening Mas & Pops said they'd seen the horses running across the pasture with the calf running after them. So it was all fun and games with all of them.
This is not a particularly good photo but in person it's very lovely. It's on one of the cow paths down to the barn. I love rocks. Father's Day Breakfast at a little local restaurant. Their signature enormous pancake:I ordered one takeout for Mark since he was at the market. They had to put it in a pizza box.

Aggie is our Pancake Eating Champion. This was her first attempt at a Danny's Restaurant pancake and she made a great effort. Good job, Ag.And I hate to end on a sour note, but why should Mark be the only one that has to listen to me carry on about this:This abomination is coming to Hickory. Plopped right down in the middle of our charming little nowhere. Oh, sure it'll be 'nice' while it's new, but in a few short years it will revert to its true ghetto state of fast food junkiness. Then what, Hickory? You've sold your soul to the five dollar footlong.

No, YoYo, their sandwiches aren't all that delicious.


honeypiehorse said...

That paw is so wild! Your animals and grounds look so well-cared for. And the enormous pancake symbolizes the American small town for me. Not sure why, plenty of large food is consumed in cities.

Becky said...

Looks like everything is going swell there at the homestead. Looking at those pics, I felt happy for Sweetpea!

And don't hate on the Subway! At least it's not a Quiznos (shudder).

Jen said...

My husband would love that Huge pancake! As long as it had maple syrup and whipped cream on it, he'd be in heaven. Your place looks so peaceful.

Camp Papa said...

How can we work out a deal to trade time at our place in the Western North Carolina mountains for a Papa/grandchild visit to your farm...abominations, aside?

Michelle Johnson said...

Delightful post Sara. I'm especially taken by how BIG that pancake was. Five people could eat on that and still not finish it. Your cats are gorgeous. That black and white one reminds me of Smidget (my cat). Your calf certainly looked happy. Can't believe that big cow fit in such a small space. Animals never cease to amaze me. Lastly, your place looks great. Have a nice night.

Heidi said...

OH - you have mitten footed kitties too!!! I thought we were the only freaks so we have never really said anything about them!! LOL I knew we were pals for a reason! LOL other than man ogeling!! the berries yum, you are very handy - cows can fit anywhere they want it seems, especially if they are trying to be caught - yowza thats a BIG PANCAKE! I love to fish - and $5 for that is TOOOOOOOOOOOO much!! Did I get it all in one breath?

Annette said...

I just hope the new Subway doesn't put Slingers Pizza out of business. My mom and I would both be crushed. We LOVE Slingers pizza.

It's so good to see the calf happy and healthy and free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last. I still feel somewhat personally responsible for the little bugger.

Wendy said...

Okay, that is one crazy cat paw! I love the skipping calf, adorable!

Thanks for joining us for STSS! I loved your entry. I really enjoy looking at the things people do for their Sunday slice of life. Fun stuff.

I hope you'll join us again next week!

OsageBluffquilter said...

WOW you all sure grow pancakes big in your area. Wonder how big those fast deli sandwiches will be. Bummer they will be in the neighborhood.

Sara said...

HPH, it's a lot of work and we never quite catch up with everything. The photos don't show the truly embarrassing spots. On really warm Summer nights it smells like the barns at the county fair. :) The poo filled barns, that is.

Becky, I gotta fight the power on Subway! (And his red-headed stepbrother Quiznos) Like Annette says, our little pizza shop is all we need! And it's so much more delicious-er.

Jen, you should've seen the amount of butter they provide for that thing!

Camp Papa- Oh, you'd really have to twist our arm to get us into the mountains of South Carolina. Not! And you guys (y'all) could stop up here on your way to the PawPaw Festival. (I know Becky is probably veeerry excited about the PawPaw Festival.)

Michelle, you're right. My sister ordered 1 pancake for her family of 4 and still didn't finish it!

Heidi, High Five! Or should I say High Nine for our cats!

Annette, So you'll be over this week for his castration festivites right? :) Yesterday he was so excited when I brought out his bottle that he bumped into Admiral, instinct took over, and he started rooting around at Admiral for a teat. Admiral was pretty grossed out! He looked like a cartoon lady hopping on a chair to escape a mouse!

Wendy, I tried my best to get some pics of the dragonflies. Maybe next time!

OBQ, Subway sticks out like a sore thumb! Doggone out of towners! Do I sound like a crotchety old woman yet? :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this post!

Subway... it's the only fast food joint in my hometown, pop 4300. And I hate it. I boycott it everywhere, Just Because!