Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who's With Me?

We were talking today about how fun it would be to use the new Apple iPad as a cell phone. Like so.
That is all.


Veronica said...

Ha! You should totally use that as a phone, while wearing two layers of socks and a side ponytail and giving your daughter a Cabbage Patch doll to play with. Wait, whadoyou mean it's not 1984 anymore??

Dave said...

It's a giant step backwards in technology!

Becky said...

OMG, I so totally am with you. I want to casually slide that out of my purse and hold it up to my ear!

In fact, two of my fb friends were saying how great that thing looks in their status updates, and I was like, "I'm confused, is it also a phone?"

Camp Papa said...

I have not followed this thing except hearing vaguely that it was coming out. But, how is it different from my iPhone...except for the size of the screen?

Becky said...

Camp P, it's not a phone, it doesn't have a camera, and except for the more expensive versions, it requires wifi and can't pick up 3G. So it really is like a big iPod touch, except that it also requires the monthly data package.

Amy said...

That is really funny! I mean, the visual it inspires is hilarious.It's like one of those giant Iphone mockups they have in the windows of the Apple stores.

Sara, you're funny, girl!

Amy said...

P.S. Veronica--side ponytails seem to be back in! At least, I've seen them here quite a bit.

honeypiehorse said...

But it would be a great video phone!

Sara said...

V! Two layers of socks! Ah, good memories. I'll make sure I wear them outside the hem of my stone-washed jeans. hee!

Dave, kinda thought the same thing? And there are more coming out, I guess?

Becky, I knew I could count on you to know what it has and hasn't. Would it kill them to put a dang camera on the thing at the very least? Lots of fun to be had with a camera. I love picturing you sliding out of your purse.

Camp P, I think your iPhone is simply not conspicuous enough.

Amy, can we expect some posts of you with side-ponies in the near future? ;)

HPH, I'd still like one, wouldn't refuse one, I'll admit. I'm sucked in by the shiny & pretty. Plus I don't have a kindle & I think it's an e-reader thingy, too, right?

Roxanne & Lorraine said...

I stumbled across this and a few things:
1. The picture instantly reminded me of Zack Morris in "Saved By The Bell." iPad is such a copy-cat.
2. If it were a phone, Apple would make a killing off of elderly people. No more, here dial for me. No more look up this number for me, nothing.
3. That's such an unfortunate name. iPad. Blech.


Sara said...

Ha! I thought it was a yucky name, too! Somebody dropped the ball on that one.
Also, I thought it was like a fancier version of those Jitterbug phones for the older set with the jumbo buttons and the operator included in the service to whom you can say 'here, dial for me.'
Love it! Glad you stumbled by!

Roxanne & Lorraine said...

Jitterbug! That's exactly what I thought, but I couldn't remember the name. And it's a lot less funny when you're like "Hey! Remember the phone...with the thing... for old...ish people?"

So, yeah. Jitterbug.


Sara said...

Just so we're on the same page: You now have "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" as performed by Wham! jitterbugging 'into your brain' now, right?

Roxanne & Lorraine said...

WELL I DO NOW, thankssomuch.


Five more hours of work with a Wham! song stuck in your head. I wonder if that causes permanent damage...?

Ange said...

It's probably the only size I could successfully text on.

Amy said...

Whoo, I laughed all the way through the comments. Gawd. All y'all are hilarious. I've got nuthin to add. 'cept... yeah, anytime you put "pad" and "purse" together, I'm not thinking electronics.