Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Rolling

It's a hardcore bunch we roll with.
Though I'd been looking forward to an uneventful weekend (other than math club, basketball practice, sleep over, basketball game, etc. ) I couldn't turn down a friend's invitation Friday to take the kids ice skating. Three sets of parents & kids with a friend thrown in for good measure.
Since we've never done this activity before ( or at least I haven't since I was a kid,) it was a learning experience.

The fancy place we first tried had a line of pre-teens out the door for a half hour before the public skate session even began. So we were turned away when they quickly met their occupancy limit. Now we know, next time, be there a good half hour before the rink opens and be prepared to stand in sub-zero temperatures outside in line.
It was 9pm at that point and the kids were still amped up to go skating. So I made a call to my Globo Gym Purple Cobra hockey playing brother for the next best location and our three vehicle caravan was back on the road to find another rink.
Fortunately we scored. And the ticket gal even gave us a discount since we'd missed part of the session.Their first time around the rink took them all about half an hour because they were inching sooo slowly along the wall. That's not an exageration. Half an hour!
But things loosened up after that. There was a DJ playing Lady GaGa and even Michael Jackson's 'Thriller.' 'Thriller' is a superb ice skating song btw. I squirmed on the sidelines wishing I was out on the ice, but I was definitely too old for that crowd.
But not too old for this crowd.Big pinball tourney goin' on amongst the adults. Vending machine coffee drinkin', pinball playin' good times.
11pm and closing time finally rolled around, but did we head home? No!
Table for 11 at Eat 'N Park, please. And we laughed and ate breakfast and stayed out past midnight.
Lily was so proud of arriving home at 1AM. She's a party animal, she is.
And having breakfast at midnight enabled us to postpone Saturday's breakfast until after lunch. The girls and Aggie's friend were busy most of the day working on some sort of video. There was makeup & hair doing, musical arrangements courtesy of the electronic keyboard, and fancy introductions.
Their photography was not so great. Not sure how the final video turned out, but they were happy for a long time so I just kept to my own beeswax.Aggie and friend. They're good eggs. But I still made them take the makeup off before we took them out for Mexican. They totally pouty faced us into that one.And friend's parents make some incredible homemade wine. They gifted us a nice hefty bottle of red that went magically with our Sunday supper of homegrown T-Bone steaks, asparagus, mushrooms, and Mawsi's homemade macaroni 'n cheese.
Neko Case playing in the background. Mark's grandma laughing a little more freely over her wine. Mark & his grandpap chewing on their steak bones.
Supper was after I'd spent several reluctant hours on hands and knees poking the vacuum in every nook, crannie, crevice, corner, hole, get what I' saying, and then, on hands and knees again, mopping the whole first floor by hand.
I made the mistake of busting out the magic eraser on the laundry room floor. Ah, the bane and boon of flooring that so effectively hides dirt. And the agony and ecstasy of the magic eraser bringing to light just how much filth you've been living in all this time.
So I was riding high on that Just Cleaned The House feeling. Supper was perfect. I'd bribed the girls to extra clean their room with the promise of 1 month of Club Penguin membership and Lily was beside herself with joy. She told me as much, and I wish I'd videoed her beaming and squirming in her seat as she logged on. So I'd basically bought myself some sisterly love and peace for about 12 bucks.
Mark & Sam were engrossed in a video game.
And I topped my 2 glasses of wine off with a concoction of amaretto, creme de cacao, and milk (probably has a real name, huh?)honky tonk music on the Sirius (I have an occasional love of the ickiest, most inappropriate honky tonk songs; e.g. I'd Love To Lay You Down by Conway Twitty. So wrong, but I just can't look away or stop listening,) and a fresh, squishy brownie as I lounged like a contented hog on my bed.
A giddy moment.
YoYo was PO'ed because he wanted in the house. He's so handsome, even when he's peeved.
All I wanted was one day of clean, buddy. Things will be back to normal today, paw prints and dead ladybugs everywhere.


Becky said...

Fun! I love ice skating. But I kind of figured that you northern types were like always skating. Don't your ponds freeze over and stuff? Or are you not northern enough?

The pic of your adult beverage is my favorite. The way it appears to be slightly tipping to the side. . .

honeypiehorse said...

You've never been ice skating before? Too busy growing your own T-bones?

Annette said...

I went ice skating twice in my life. The first time on a farm pond. Snow covered and lumpy, it gave me the false assumption that I could skate. The second time was in a real rink and I was one of those clinging to the walls the whole way around because my feet were going to two different directions. Pinball sounds much safer.

Emily said...

I appreciate that you drank your milk concoction in a wine glass. Most bars probably would have put it in a rock glass. WANKER!! The Magic Eraser is such a blessed curse, is it not?

Sara said...

Becky, you noticed my deliberately off kilter beverage! I tell ya!
anywho, though I've hoped our pond would freeze over, it never fully does. Bummer. But other ponds def do around here.
We even had a few childhood pond skating adventures growing up, complete with rough ice, second hand store ice skates, and a 'tire fire' for warmth.

HPH, I've been skating a little (in fact, got kicked off the ice at the real rink bc I was chasing a boy. hee!) but not to any of these newfangled places with their wristbands and whatnot.
Too busy being a nerd is prolly closer to the truth! And raisin' T-bones. You know. No big whoop.

Annette, we laughed at the girls for their cow-hocked lookin' ankles lol! They started to straighten up a bit towards the end but never far from the wall.

E, the wine glass was important to the presentation. To myself. Either that or I didn't want to dirty another glass, you hoser.
:-) Everytime I use that eraser I am also maddened by not knowing how in the heck it works. Truly it must be magic. Black magic.

Sara said...

Great post! The fuzzy pics of the girls in their make-up are my favorite. Too cute! Magic Erasers are evil.

Amy said...

Now THAT sounds like a nearly perfect weekend! It feels so good to have a clean house...not that I know that from experience too often!

Your kids are real cuties! And I don't know what this Penguin Club is, but I'm sure I will in a couple more years!