Friday, May 28, 2010

Pig Bone Fat. I Got Nothin' For A Blog Post.

Check it.

"Fatty acids derived from pork bone fat are used as a hardening agent in crayons and also gives them their distinctive smell."

That special crayon smell? Pig bone fat. Now that I think about it, yes, it's a nostalgic smell, but really, isn't it kind of a stinky smell?

In other news, my short term memory is shot, so goodness knows what we've been up to.

School's out next Wednesday though the girls skipped yesterday to go to Kennywood, and they all skipped today because the girls were tired from Kennywood and Sam uncharacteristically missed the bus. Only half days anyway.

Yep. That's all I've got today. Who wants chicken wings?


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I guess this gross subject of pig fat, also covers that Jello is made from the gelatin in the cow hoof. Thanks to the blacksmith, that we never want to eat Jello jigglers again!

Becky said...

Okay somehow in your post title, the words "pig bone fat," registered in my brain as "big fat b*ner." I don't know why.

I got nothin' for a comment.

Analisa said...

Comments? I got nothing....but a strange craving for BBQ pork ribs...or maybe bacon. :)

Amy said...

Woah. My parents lived in Easton PA, home of Binney Smith, for a number of years, and when the wind blew just right it was instant nostalgia, like sticking your nose in a Crayola box.

Or a big vat of pig bone fat, I guess. Ewwww.

gretchen said...

I want chicken wings. I'm making ribs right now...something else good to do with pork. I'm enjoying that Becky saw "big fat b*ner" I saw "fat as a pig". But then, I saw myself in a swimsuit today, so that's where my brain is. I think I'll go get me some ribs...

Amy said...

I'll take some chicken wings!! ;)

LOL Becky!

Anonymous said...

你所貫徹的形象,你喜愛它有多少百分比,你就幸福多少百分比 ..................................................

Camp Papa said...

First, damn! Now I can't eat crayons and keep kosher.
Second, chicken wings sound good. (Little known fact: Unicorn wings taste just like chicken.)

Sara said...

Aw, Patti-you must know this would never actually discourage me from eating pork and it's many products!

Becky, where art thine mind? ...I read stuff wrong all the time.

Analisa, I'm dying for ribs. I made Mark stop for chicken wings at 10pm Saturday night. Had to have them.

Amy, so Mr. Rogers would've been nearby possibly for the tour of the crayon factory?! One of his very best episodes, I must say.

Gretchen, now I'm trying to say "pig bone fat" five times fast.

Amy, my kids went vulture on my chicken wings! I only got a couple!

韋于倫成, I know, right?!

Camp Papa, You almost got me on that one. Unicorns don't have wings! Now a Pegicorn, that's another story. But many people feel very strongly that you shouldn't breed a Pegasus with a Unicorn.
Still I'm greatly enhungered by images of giant horse-sized chicken wings. Mmmmmm.