Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fungus Among Us, Girls Will Be Girls, And I Heart Maternity Pants.

Howdy, Neighbors. 'Tis the month of May and verily it doth truck along.
Morel Mushroom season, but our haul was much smaller that last year's. I think it just wasn't quite the right temperature/moisture combo going on out there in the woods. But we found enough to fry and eat with leftover prime rib one night, and the next night to make a fabulous stuffing/dressing with leftover hard rolls, scallions, and morels baked to a yummy goodness. It went perfect with oven baked rabbit.

Look at the cute little snail.
Last weekend we finally got the part to fix the go kart. That was an adventure in and of itself. It involved a trip to a small town West Virginia cycle shop where the owner behind the counter was unabashedly eating sardines on saltine crackers when I walked in. And that seemed to make perfect sense at the time.
So anyway, fixed the go kart. The weather wasn't cooperating and Agnes and her friend were going nuttynuts. They finally decided weather-be-damned, we're going riding.And so they did. And it took about 5 minutes for them to look like this.It rained and they rode. For hours.
And then the tricky part of cleaning up. Ever notice that it's a lot of work letting kids be kids?
My plan was for them to hose off at the barn in their clothes, come in the cellar where I'd have towels so they could strip out of the mud clothes and then head to the shower in their towels.
Instead, they grabbed the towels and headed to the barn to strip. Dripping wet and still pretty muddy, they trekked from the barn to the back door. OK, not the cellar door like I asked, but no biggie. I asked Where are your sweatshirts? (to go with the other piled muddy wet humps of clothing they left on the porch) and they headed back out to the barn to fetch them, still muddy and wrapped in nothing but towels. So forgetful, these pre-teens.
So then I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come back from the barn because it's like 8:30pm on a school night and they still need to get showers before we take Ag's friend home.
Ah, here they come, still totally unaffected by their lack of clothing. Well, we figured since we were already over at the barn we might as well go see the new kittens...
Well, that makes perfect sense!
Finally they were showered and content, and I was left with the aftermath of mud-filled tennis shoes and a bathtub full of sediment and leaves.
But then when I was looking through the photos I'd taken of their fun, I found this picture of yours truly from about this time last year:

and I couldn't really complain because Aggie gets her muddiness honestly. (sigh, was my butt ever that small?)

In addition to morel and mud season it is also softball season. Both girls are playing and it is quite the time suck. We got home after 9pm last night. I guess I'm just a big rookie at this is my problem.
But I do enjoy watching them, and I'm ever so happy that they seem to be enjoying it because I finally have someone to play catch with!Good memories. Pretty fun watching a bunch of 8 year olds, too. They're like a flock of chickens running around out there.

I took these puppies out for a test drive today: During my 1st trimester misery I was hellbent on staying in normal people clothes for as long as possible. I was pissed when I went to Target to grab a bunch of big neutral pregnancy clothes and they stayed in the bag for awhile unworn. I was sweating the fact that I was growing too large too quickly, but I'm over it. Pregnant four times equals get big quickly for me. So that's my approximately 15 1/2 weeks belly up thar pokin' out. And my growing bosom. Hello! Enjoying that before they get out of hand.

Anywho, glory be, are these pants not the most comfortable thing on my bloated middle? Love love love. Even more than my sweatpants. And they are not nearly so ugly as the maternity jeans I wore 9 years ago. We'll see how long til I'm exploding out of them.

That's all she wrote for now. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!


gretchen said...

Ah! That mud picture of the girls reminds me SO much of my childhood. I miss that. And fresh picked morels? How cool is that?

Annette said...

Spring + farms = mud. It's just the way it is. I'd say the girls look like they had a blast.

Becky said...

Oh man, I want that go kart! That is good (clean?) fun. Actually, my first kiss was in a go kart but it was gross.

You look fab, and I think I probably had some pretty butt ugly maternity pants 9 years ago too. Stuff nowadays is so much cuter, seriously. But then I had maternity overalls.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You snot, showing me up on your mushroom finds. My glands are salivating as I type. My 3 sure didn't go very far.

As for the mud, glad that was at your house. I always wish I had a mother like you that would let us get dirty. I never was that mother either.

And baby bump, now that's just adorable!!!!!

Happy Mother's day!

Veronica said...

You look fabulous! And the go-carting in the mud looks really fun, I want to try that!

honeypiehorse said...

Yummy yummy!!

Emily said...

Brant wants to know where the girls' safety glasses are. hhhhmmmmm.

Amy said...

It is a LOT of work, especially on the back end, letting kids be kids. Kudos to you for taking it on. I love that everyone there at B'dillions gets muddy!!

Your butt was that small, it will be so again, and others will curse you for it, oh Mom of 4!

Yeah, I noticed they came out with fun pregnant clothes right about the time the MPM went in for V-day. And you look plenty adorable :)

Anonymous said...


Sara said...

I love the mud picture!!! We would just strip at the back door. :O

Love the morels!

And of course, for 15.5 weeks you look great. Don't be so hard on yourself. :D

The calf had a number seven on her forehead. Debbie and I said she should send it into Channel 7 news. :)