Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's over.

Rifle deer season that is. And I do believe this is the first year I've gone without getting a deer. I've only been hunting 6 or 7 years though, so that's probably a good record. Some years I got more than one. And besides-it was so bloody cold today. I confess, I only stayed out until 9am,went home, made pancakes and took a nap. I never claimed to be hard core.
So here's my perch: And here's my view of the sun rising this morning in the sub-freezing temperatures:
I'm glad I went. I only saw one deer. There's always next year.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mark had to put new round bales in to the horses and cows. Penny and I were in charge of opening and closing gates behind the tractor.

Here's Penny smiling for the camera:

Jill cannot control herself whenever you're near enough to pet her. She writhes around on the ground, beside herself with happiness. She literally somersaulted here:Penny's not sure what to think of her.

Is it possible to have a crush on a cow? Is he not handsome?

And how's this for pretty? I love this girl. She has just enough piss and vinegar to offset her sweetness. Perfect.

Cute, but not Buddy.These kids have 'sled ridden' ('sled rided?') in the mud. This is slightly better snowfall than mud, and they'll take what they can get; they're not picky. There was just enough snow to scrape together a puny little jump.Catching air? Barely.

Have to fill the furnace. This is the sole source of our toasy warm heat. It has to eat once or twice a day.

You can see the furnace in the upper right hand corner next to the mountain of fire wood. I've resigned myself to having a giant mountain of fire wood all winter. No use fighting it.

It was really cold today, as I said, so I took pity on poor old YoYo the cat and let him come in for a little while. YoYo was originally a house cat but earned banishment to the barn for peeing on Sam's backpack and the living room floor, among other things. Helen earned her banishment for pooping behind the hotwater tank in the cellar. Her litter box was approximately 15 feet away. Much too far to walk.

So I don't know who was happier, YoYo or the kids. It was like getting a new pet. They have been meowing Christmas songs to him all day.

They came in from sledding and made themselves some warm milk. Not hot cocoa, warm milk. My 'recipe' with cinnamon and sugar. Warm milk and the awesome chocolate chip cookies Sam made all by himself earlier today.

Sorry, Copper. Did I forget about you?


Camp Papa said...

Great pics! How does that outside furnace work? Is it heating water that circulates into the house?

Sara said...

Yes, that's exactly how it works. The house had an existing oil furnace, and we're using the blower from that. It also heats the hot water tank in the winter. In retrospect, a heat pump might have been a better investment?
But then again, cutting firewood warms you twice, right?

Annette said...

I love all the photos, Sara. And I'm happy to see YoYo warm and toasty. If it weren't for that peeing thing, I'd have catnapped him long ago.