Thursday, December 11, 2008

More faces. And a tail or two.

Because these are photos I enjoy.
The kids found Ms. Bullfrog in the spring house. I just assume she's a girl because she's so big. We put her back after we got a couple photos. She was very cooperative.
Penny loves corn. She uses the typewriter method for the most part.
One of the laying hens. Actually, this is one of the 2007 hens, and most likely she went to auction and was replaced by a fresher hen. Their production slows as they age.Buddy! Back when he was a baby! Now he's huge. That was Arnold the piglet, his stall mate. Arnold was an orphan and the sole survivor of his litter. Our friend volunteered to bottle raise him over at her house until he was weaned. She tried to litter train him, but it was a no go. Then she brought him home.
Baby snapping turtle, please stay out of our pond. We like to swim there.

One day old piglet. I'm the pig midwife around these parts. Because my hands and arms are smallest. Ya, gross. I'm glad we haven't had a litter in a while. Cute buggers though.

And we mustn't forget these hard-working little ladies. These are from the observation hive in the market.


Camp Papa said...

Absolutely love the pictures. Would that be an all grown-up Buddy pictured with your hand caressing him? Also, "Their production slows as they age." Ain't that the truth!

Sara said...

Yep! That's my Buddy! My oh my, do I love that cow.

Becky said...

I love seeing all your animals!