Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now with more commas!

I was just kidding about the commas. I know I use them without rhyme or reason. Know I use too many words when fewer would suffice. Know I should use the dadgum spellchecker (insert random comma here) for pete's sake. I'm no writer. But more importantly will you get a load of that face:Or perhaps this one:

Now what's the matter with this animal here?:

Ha! These are the type of random snapshots you get when you work with your siblings and they sneak your camera away from your desk. No idea why I look so melancholy here. The picture frame in the background holds the portrait of the TV family from 'Mr. Belvedere.' Would you believe I've only had one person ask me about it.

So. No point to this post. I'm entertaining myself since the kids went to bed and my better half is conked out in his chair because he was out hunting til 2am-ish last night. He said Jill climbed a tree last night. And that was a good thing. They got 2 raccoons. I got to hog the bed all to myself. Win, win. (comma!)

Unfortunately, I also got up this morning and found that he'd tracked dirt all over the floor I'd scrubbed on hands and knees while he was gone. And since he was already awake he'd also decided to bottle up some of his honey to fill an order he had to deliver in Pittsburgh and that was also dripped on the floor.

I didn't feel like getting mad, but I did almost cry. I cleaned it up and the moment passed. He was sleep deprived after all.

And in conclusion:

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Camp Papa said...

I love the pictures. I'm confident that your readers want more. Is Buddy the same handsome bovine we see on your profile page?