Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Our post office is small. More often than not I'm the only one there when I stop and I leave my car running while I pop inside to check the mail. Well, now that I said that, I probably won't anymore.
I've just started letting the kids run in by themselves while I watch from the car. They love to do it. Our box is small so anything much bigger than a catalog gets placed in a larger box and the key to that box is left in our box. Box box box. Last night neither one of them could easily reach the keyhole by themselves,but together they made one super-girl with super keyhole-reaching powers.
It was special because I know they were also in there arguing with each other about the best way to do it, and at any given moment in a day they can just as easily be furious with each other as they can be best friends.
And I am now the proud mother of 2, count'em, 2 children who can cook macaroni and cheese all by themselves. Seriously, that's pretty huge. We're all getting our independence -one side dish at a time.


Becky said...

Pretty soon you'll have a whole potluck! Seriously, my fondest hope is that one day soon, my daughter will be able to brew and serve my coffee. Then all my fond nurturing will have paid off.

Great post, and I love the pic!

Camp Papa said...

A beautiful post and inspired camera work. I've said this elsewhere, but it is a great pleasure to watch your children grow to adulthood and then be in loving relationship with each other.

Thanks for sharing.

Annette said...

Were you at that post office yesterday??? I had to wait for a parking space to open up. How often does THAT happen???

And ditto on the cute pic.

Better Than Machines said...

Nice action photography there. They sound like problem solvers.

And chefs. I couldn't make mac-n-cheese until I was in college.