Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6th Grade Graduation (4th Grade Thong)

Sixth Grade/Elementary School Graduation Day for Sam. I'm not a big proponent of lavish graduation ceremonies for every little thing: preschool, kindergarten, etc., but I thought this turned out pretty cool. They're actually old enough to appreciate it at this age I think.
It's also been enough years now that I recognize a lot of the faces in 6th grade and I was really proud of them and happy for them. And I only chuckled a little at those blossoming young ladies as they struggled in their new high heels. Ah, growin' up!
Check this out-in lieu of yet another speech they had a really cool presentation by one of the high school students, Rachel Simmons (I believe is her name.)
She starts with a blank canvas and a background of music (I'm too square to recognize.)And then she begins to paint. You can't tell what she's painting for a long time. If you're me, you can't tell until she's completely finished. Duh.
I was impressed. Girl's got talent.And there's my baby boy. Junior High, here he comes! They also had a 6th Grade Dance afterwards. Somehow I doubt they danced to REM's "Stand" like we did at our 6th grade dance.( 'Member that music video? ) But he said he had fun.

And 4th Grade Thong? Ya, Aggie said a girl in her class was wearing a thong today. 4th Grade. She bent over and there it was rearing its ugly head out the back of her pants. Ag said that everybody did the Ewww! thing and then one of Aggie's friend politely recommended that she pull her shirt down.


OsageBluffquilter said...

WOW Dental floss for the crotch in the 4th grade. Wayyyyyy too early.

Camp Papa said...

Congratulations to the graduates. And Wow!! to the painter and the planners who invited her.

Becky said...

OMG OMG. First OMG was for the awesome painting.

Second OMG is for the 4th grade thong! But I remember a big to-do a few years ago when Abercrombie was selling thong underwear to tweens. It had little sayings on it like "eye candy."

Um, not acceptable!

honeypiehorse said...

Wow what a party trick - paint Obama to music. I would have given that a standing ovation. If you see her again, suggest she try it with black lights.