Friday, May 22, 2009

Yes, It Is Possible To Get Evicted In Your RV House

Remember brother Greg? (You have to scroll down in that link to get the story.) He's the relative (by marriage!) living in a busted up Winnebago behind Mark's aunt's house.
Well, the township has finally had enough after finding out that Greg was using a bucket for his number 2's and then emptying the bucket across the railroad tracks. Something about the smell or something? And this is just barely a blip on the Greg Radar, so moving on...
Mark was helping our friend put together her brand new beehive last night. This is her first hive and Mark built her hive bodies and ordered her some packaged bees. The bees come in the mail in this box with screened sides. You buy them by the pound. And the queen, which I couldn't get a good photo of, comes in a wee little box with some attendants. She is held in by candy plugs which the bees will eat in order to free her. Gives everybody a chance to get to know one another.I won't try to give too much detail since I was educated by the resident beekeeper on some of my omissions or mistakes in recent comments! "Aw, Sara, you know that!" And I was all, "I do?"


Amy said...

Wow--just went and read the background on the Greg situation.Tough to know what to do, I'm sure.(I felt bad but I did snicker a little at the #2 in a bucket part.) You guys have been really good to him! Hope he's okay. Family is a fascinating thing, eh?

That's so interesting about the bees! I love how they ship the queen--maybe if I had candy hanging off of me I'd get better service and more attention! ;)

Camp Papa said...

Bees by mail!?! How! Neither rain, nor snow, nor anaphylactic shock will stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

honeypiehorse said...

How do you weigh bees??

I don't know anyone who doesn't have a toilet.

Wendy said...

My dad was a beekeeper. There is a lot of interesting mystique about the queen. I love bees.

Sorry about Greg... life is strange sometimes. Well, always, really.

Sara said...

I know, Amy! It seems that just a sticky candy residue isn't enough to garner any attention! Nor the cheesy residue from Doritos...Don't feel bad about laughing. I'm half sorry he's getting evicted bc it's so comical/horrible. Believe me, he *loves* his setup.

HPH, I'm trying to remain humble, not too obviously name-drop my unplumbed friends and relatives, you know. Plus, I'm pretty sure he has access. Just chooses not to use it! ha!

Not sure how they weigh the bees, but they're kind of pourable like a liquid, so I guess you just dump them in that box! Believe me the postmaster is on the phone to us first thing in the morning when they arrive-come get your bees. Just like baby chicks come in the mail!

Wendy, were the bees your Dad's full time gig? Did you all have to help extract honey? I just ordered Mark a new bee book (can't recall the title at the moment) but it's supposed to delve further into those interesting bee factoids. Something about how there are similarities between a hive and mammals,etc. I'm curious about that!

Becky said...

Oh Greg, ooohhhhh Greg. . .what is going to become of him? He won't be back in your house, will he? I feel sorry for the guy.

And I am cracking up at the queen bee/candy dynamic, and its possible application to human females.

Better Than Machines said...

I love this blog. The story about Greg sounds like something from a great novel. (I just went back and read that older post for background.) I hope things turn out well there.

And wow. Bees rule. That is amazing that you can get them by mail. And baby chicks too? Somehow this changes my outlook on things.

I hear all these stories about declining bee populations and the effect it could have on agriculture. Kinda scary. Makes me want to raise some bees.

OsageBluffquilter said...

Most every family has a "Greg" just to different degrees.
Husband and I each had one.
I just had a piece of butter and honey toast, so I am supporting your income, well sort of...
have a great holiday weekend.

OsageBluffquilter said...

You've got to read this blog, the beothers/brother in law, might be the same person.