Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ah! Another Witch!

I was up in Sam's room helping him with his vidya game when she came floating in.Poor little humpbacked thing. But she wasn't really a witch, just a bespectacled schoolmarm. She informed me that Lily was her student. She also informed me that Lily got one of her math sums wrong.

And then as quickly and inexplicably as she appeared, she was gone. Poof! And I never even caught her name.

In other news---electricity: it's a good thing. When it came on last night around 11pm or so it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. (My apologies to you Annette! I have a feeling your temporary outage was due to the repairs near our place.)

So we're back in modern times I suppose. I'm still going to try to enjoy The Dome without the ambiance of the gennie rattling the teeth out of my head. The only sad thing about it is that I felt like I was living in the dome myself: cut off from the world a little. It made the book a little more fun to read. I'll just use my imagination though!

I definitely relished using the range again. Mmmmm. Whole garlic cloves toasted in olive oil, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms. Much better fare after our 4 day pork 'n pancake fest.

And speaking of food, look what I got! A sweet award from a sa-weeeet blogger over at Our Feet Are The Same. I'm going to get an actual cupcake, too, right? OK, I'll keep an eye out for it. No worries.

I'm passing this award on to 2 sweet bloggers who have made me hungry with their posts on more than one occasion: Sara the Handy Hooker and Patti the Osage Bluff Quilter. I've really enjoyed reading your blogs and, I just realized, you both have pretty cool super heroine names. xo!

Later Gators!


Annette said...

No need to apologize, Sara. At first I suspected our outage was related to your repairs. HOPED they were, but when it went on and on, I wasn't so sure.

I can tolerate a little inconvenience if it helps out a friend.

Welcome back to the 21st century!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

So glad you are back in the modern world.
And thanks for the award!! I think it's my first blog award.
Enjoy all your modern conviences today.
After while crocodile . . .

Becky said...

That witch is a lot cuter than the first one.

How are you liking Under the Dome? It's fun, yes? I have moved on to The Swan Thieves.

gretchen said...

I too have started Under the Dome, but I've gotten a little sidetracked by my new laptop, which has enabled me to watch movies in the bathtub at night instead of my usual reading. Yes, I was reading a massive forty pound hardback in the bathtub. You can imagine the shape it's in!

honeypiehorse said...

Congratulations and that sounds delicious, I love garlic.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

You lost power too in this blizzard? I think we must be soul mates!