Friday, March 6, 2009

Bathroom progress. Now with more fractions.

Making progress on the bathroom. It should end up taking approximately 1 1/2 times as long as we anticipated. But now I can't really complain because I've compounded the problem by switching up the flooring selection. We were going to do another Pergo wood-looking floor, reasons myriad, but then I found this.

I realize I'm probably a Johnny-come-lately to this scene since I don't catch any of those do-it-yourself, magical home makeover, decorator gauntlet, fight to the death, cage match shows where they gut your bedroom and staple and glue gun all sorts of frightful things to the walls.

And I like things that I pick out at Lowe's or wherever, but I haven't found anything yet that I was hellbent on having. No deal breakers, you know?

After all, my family will soon come in contact with whatever it is and then all bets are off. It could be made to withstand industrial size trauma and indignation, but it will be given a run for it's money once it's part of our home. (Cliche' anyone. Anyone? Sorry, I was 'on a roll.')

But this flooring was calling to me and wouldn't shut up, so my generous husband called them up and ordered it for me this morning. Love you!

(Brother is playing A-Ha, making me want to do the Molly Ringwald dance from Breakfast Club.)

Man Candy (And I'm loving 'Man Candy' as a new name for Mark. Thanks, Amy!) picked the color 'Polished Tiger Pebble.' I was thinking greenish, but I still defer to his judgement on colors. I'd just rather it be his fault if the color is bad, you know? So I've now spent 3 times as much money, and 1 1/2 times as much marital currency as originally planned on flooring. But it's gonna be awesome! I hope.

We've all been sharing the downstairs bathroom for, hmmm, let's say 2 1/3 weeks now. We had a bit of a traffic jam Monday. All sorts of business being conducted, spilling out into the cellar, and using the chest freezer as a vanity of sorts. I think every one's getting sick of all the closeness and sharing. And it's cold down there!

Apropos of nothing, a picture of Yo Yo. He is doing his signature pose with one front paw held up. See that boat behind him?

Mark took it out on the pond and promptly sank it. (Sank? sunk? Sank.) He forgot to put the plug in. The purpose of the dinghy was to put the fountain back into the pond. It has to be tethered to 2 cinder blocks on the bottom of the pond. Last year I floated out on a raft on my belly using one hand to swim and the other to carry the cinder blocks out. We decided to take the fountain out in the winter because we thought it might freeze, and the muskrats chewed the lines that had it anchored. It's a bit cold yet to use my method.And Coco, the Hemingway Cat.
She has about 1 1/2 times more toes than the other cats.


Amy said...

I like Man Candy, too! :) And the mental picture of all of you sharing the same bathroom in the cellar, with the freezer as vanity is too funny! (Probably alot more funny than it is in reality.)

Hang in there! (Hey, my verification word is manfro...also a potential nickname for your hubby, perhaps?

Annette said...

Love the kitty pics. And the pebble tile is pretty cool, too. Somehow, I envision my Hubby going into stroke mode if I showed it to him, though. With our own bathroom re-model pending, he's very fragile these days.

David said...

Before I got to the reveal about which one you guys chose, I was thinking that polished tiger stone would look great with the green. So you've got an outsider's vote, for what that's worth. Looks like it'll be great!

Becky said...

I love that pebble stuff? So how does that work? Is their grout in there? Can't wait for more bathroom makeover updates.

Sara said...

Manfro is my brother's name, Amy. :)

I'm so glad everybody's with me on the pebbles! They arrived today and so far so good. Yup, there's grout. They go in just like tile.

The green is just the drywall (green for the moisture resistant kind, or something?) so I'm open for color suggestions...