Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy as bees.

This was last July. The video at the end is our fifteen minutes of fame I guess.
It also shows a simpler time. A time when the farm market was already stocked and opened, instead of empty, dirty, and disorganized. When the bees were all situated, captured, housed, gathering, buzzing. When it was warm and sunny instead of gray and moist and chilly.

There was no Anti-Carpenter back then. Well, I take that back. He was around then, and he built the nice countertop you may catch a glimpse of in the video, thereby luring us into a sense of complacency. The better to trick us into allowing him to torment us at a later date.

The bathroom is in use. It has already been baptized by fire (aka The Double-Ended Flu.) Seems to be working OK. And all I have left to do is: polyurethene 3 oak doors and all the trim, uncaulk and recaulk the toilet, try to clean the caulk residue from the window frame & possibly putty and re-urethane it, patch and re-paint all the dings on the walls, scrub all the black scuff marks A-C left all over the bathtub from his stupid-ass boots that we've repeatedly had to tell him about. He says he's coming back to finish the exterior framing of the window & to pay us back for the first tub surround that he destroyed and we replaced. Whatever. This weekend was my first in awhile without nieces to babysit so I was hoping to get all of that bathroom stuff done, the house cleaned, the market set up, vacation planned, bills paid. Instead I crawled into a chair with Lily because I'm a whiny baby. Actually, that was Wednesday night. I was really trying to do stuff Saturday, so Mark also decided it was a good day to take the kids to a movie. So that evening I took my unmotivated, unshowered, bra-less self to the old new movie theater. (I was havin' a tough time, ok.)
The theater was brand new when Mark & I were just old enough to get dropped off by our parents to catch a movie with friends. Such freedom!

It was a bustling place situated behind The Washington Mall. Parking spaces were at a premium and you might not get into a showing because it was sold out.

Now the the mall is an empty husk of its former self. Park anywhere you like, and the movies are always discounted and mostly empty. Oh, and bring your own 3-D glasses for Monsters vs. Aliens because you can't get them there.

But it was cute without the 3-D glasses. A good time other than our over-the-top phobia of touching things in public spaces. It's stupid, I know. Neither one of us thinks twice about sticking our arm up to the shoulder in a pig's plumbing, shoveling manure, or field-dressing a deer, but ask us to touch the door handles of a restaurant and we gag. And then to watch our children crawl all over the seats and then eat popcorn from a cardboard tub with their now contaminated hands?

Mark says to me, "You get a free refill of popcorn, you know."
'Ya, so.'
"Well, you know they just stick everyone's same cruddy bucket right back into the popcorn bin." This coming from the guy who eats pigs feet and chicken necks. And No, we didn't get a refill.

Instead, in keeping with our wayback machine theme, we went to EatNPark for coffee and dessert at 9 o'clock at night. Decaf for the grown ups. Pie and milkshakes for the young'uns.

Then Sunday, before I could even get a whole cup of coffee in me, Mark says 'Let's go to the museum!' Good Golly, Man! I'm trying to clip coupons here! But, the Carnegie is having an exhibit called 'The Horse' and there was no way I was passing that up. My sister and her crew came along and an educational time was had by all. I do not have any pictures of her goosing the naked statue. I do not have any photos of The Horse exhibit. Big No-No there. And the rest of my photos were kind of a flop.
See? Blurry. But it is kind of funny if you picture the dinosaur wearing Mark's head and Mark with a brontosaurus body. TeeHee.
And my last ditch effort to redeem myself as photographer: Museum Super Heroes, Assemble!


OsageBluffquilter said...

Hey Annie, you've come a long way in your fashion clothes sitting in that leather chair than your picture at the top of your blog.
And that bra-less thing. Hell let's burn them all!
BT wants to know if you are living in a parallel university there?

honeypiehorse said...

Wow, you really do look like Annie Oakley. Don't forget your gun.

Annette said...

The bathroom looks great! And I hope the Horse exhibit runs long enough for me to back in there to see it. No pictures allowed, huh? Bummer.

Sara said...

Indeed I have been certified in doctorism and whatnot at the parallel university.

Freaks me out that I look like her. I've been trying to find a hat like that so I can do the pose. I definitely don't shoot like her. Wish I did.

Annette said...

Why didn't you say something? Ray has a hat that I'm pretty sure would work.

David said...

I hereby publicly declare that I'm the one who pointed out the Oakley resemblance.

You're welcome! :D

Sara said...

David: You were right, you were right!!! :)

Annette, we must do a photo shoot!

Becky said...

Love the pic of you and Lily! And I've always loved your Annie Oakley persona. It's totally working!

And the video made me go "eek!", but the farm market looks wonderful in its heyday.

Also, to change the subject yet again, "Good golly!" needs way more exposure.

Amy said...

Great pic of you and Lily! You are a cutie! :)

That is funny about the germ thing--I think about the same kind of things, though the popcorn one was new for me. So, thanks for that. ;)