Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sam has Google-ability.

Sam said he googled himself at school today. So he's pretty pumped about that.
Lily's on there too. We looked for Ag but didn't find her. She was OK with that because the Flapjack cartoon was on. We love us a Flapjack cartoon in this household.

If you were wondering, the carpenter called. He left a long rambling voicemail about when he was going to cook supper, when he was going to eat supper, and whether or not he should show up tonight.

I have been enjoying some homemade strawberry wine (made by a talented cousin 'o mine) in celebration of my carpenter's supper. It is delicious and pretty. Cheers, Carpenter!

I'm laughing at the photo of the homemade wine in the recycled bottled on my goonie formica next to the 2 for $4 hot dog buns, accumulated dirty dishes, paint brush and stone sealer littering the kitchen.


Kate said...

I love the fact that you have a cousin who can make strawberry wine! That rocks. I can't help but to start singing that Deanna Carter song..."strawberry wine, seventeen.." Anyhow, I'm jealous!

Annette said...

Between inhaling grout fumes and drinking wine, I think you're getting a bit loopy, girlfriend.

I'm going to come help throttle this carpenter. Because of him dragging this whole process out way too long, we're missing some prime riding weather. I hate him.