Monday, March 9, 2009

More bathroom progress.

Looks like the walls are going to be off white. What's done is done. Amen and amen.

So moving on, we have the pebbles! We think they don't look like the online picture, but we're thinking these are better for us because they're 'less jewel-y' and more pebbly. We're more rustic, less bedazzled.
Oh, but we are putting little baby chandelier type lights on the ceiling. Mark's selection. They may be in tomorrow. I guess that is kind of bedazzled. Huh.
Sorry about the photo quality. No lights in the bathroom yet.

And we're not quite anywhere near installing the pebbles yet. I just wanted to pretend.Something to lift my spirits after scrubbing drywall dust from EVERYTHING.

It's neat to walk on, and, with all the different shapes and colors, I'm thinking it'll give everyone plenty to look at as they sit daydreaming on the pot. What?

Here's the fountain at night. Ain't she pretty? Dang it, we are bedazzled.


Amy said...

Those pebbles rock! Ok, that's terrible I know, but they ARE really cool.

Sara said...

Amy-a pun-maker after my own heart! High five!

Becky said...

I really like those! I bet they'll feel great to walk on too.

Tipper said...

Love the pebbles-can't wait to see it all finished.